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Friday, November 4, 2016

Five on Friday - Some Good Things!

I'm joining Amy again for Five on Friday

1)  Christmas!
Yes, I said CHRISTMAS!
Every year, for the month of December, I get Christmas novels out and read them, usually in the quiet of the morning, drinking coffee and admiring the lights on the tree.  Last year, Christmas kind of came and went. But the other day, something in my brain snapped!  I went to the library, and dug through my bookpile, and got my Christmas book stash ready.  I'm starting early this year!  I don't have the tree up and I'm not admiring the lights yet, but I'm preparing for the Holiday!  I've been living in one room in a basement for 3 1/2 years peeps. 
We're upstairs! 
Bring it Baby!
And I went to my First Christmas open house yesterday after crochet group. 
I am serious about this Christmas spirit thing!
 I stopped by a local bakery, J. Edwards, and they had these yummy looking cupcakes.  They also have a lot of other stuff, including chocolates...

and I loved how the place was decorated!
2)  Deer
Beware of them.  Tis the season for them to be running around.  When I went to Michigan the other day, I saw about eight of them on the side of the road that had been hit by cars.
And this the Biggest buck I've ever seen! 
Only buck I've ever seen on our property!
I know, it's not too close up.  There were three deer, two a few feet in front of the buck.  I saw them first, then I saw the buck, then he saw me, and they trotted off into the woods.
(stay hidden Bucky Boy-tis the season for hunting too!)

3) Crochet group

Debbie's blanket...almost finished I think. 
 K's blanket.  Finished!  Told ya....
 Cheryl got her mess of yarn straightened out!

and I'm still working on my blanket.  I don't even know what I'll add next
...something for the top and bottom.  I'm winging it. 
 4)  The Cubs!!!
Well I have to admit, as we were watching the Cubbies the other night...I fell asleep.  We were just all so snuggly.  Poor Dixie Doodle though, isn't allowed in our bed, so he had to be taken to his own bed, after a few minutes of snuggling. 
As the Cubs won...I couldn't help but think of my Uncle Donald.  At every family gathering on my Dad's side of the family, I always remember him in a lawn chair with a radio right by him, listening to the Cubbies. See the radio in the left hand bottom corner.  This picture was taken in 1984 or 1985.
 He passed away this year, April 2016.   I think he had a chat with God!  I know he is celebrating in heaven!
 5)  VCR!

So, I've been digging through our basement.  Trying to get the room we used to live in, in some kind of order.  I've had to drag furniture and stuff out of different areas of the basement...things that have been stored for years, and it's turned into one Big Fat Honkin' Mess!
  I've forgotten about a lot of stuff, and I've decided I don't need a lot of stuff.  (need anything?  I probably have it!)
Anyway, I found a bunch of VCR tapes of Martha Stewart (yes I'm a fan) back in the "Turkey Hill days" when she had a Sunday morning, half hour show.  I would have to record them because I would be at church.  We'd go out to eat and I'd come home and watch them in the afternoon.  Well, I also had a tv stored in the basement, that had a vcr player in it, so I put a Martha tape in and voila', it worked!  For about an hour. (sad face) 
So, one evening this week, my Shug and I went everywhere looking for VCR/DVD players.  I know, right!
The only place we could find one was Wal-Mart to the tune of 189.00!!!!  I was ready to get the wallet out! was for Martha!  But then...we decided to go to the Goodwill.  Now, I thought of that before mind you, but he made some comment about not wanting to burn the house down....but guess what?  As luck would have it...voila' again!  VCR machines for 6 bills each!  YEP $6.00.  We bought one.  Brought it home, and
 so far, so good!

Or should I say,
"It's a Good Thing!" 

So, as I'm cleaning up my basement, I'm watching Martha episodes.  I can't wait to get it finished, get a table in there, and sew and craft and watch Martha!  I'll show you before and after pics, when I get it done.  It's too embarrassing to show you right now! (red face)

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Cindy Bee

PS - Thanks for the yummy pie!  You know who you are!


  1. So funny about the VCR and Martha episodes. Great that you could find one so cheap. Congrats on the blanket finish. It is lovely.

    Yes, there are deer everywhere in Michigan. It's amazing just how many they are and now hunting season is about they seem to get closer to the towns.

    Happy Five on friday

  2. I am so impressed with your bargain find and am looking forward to seeing your craft room all set up ready to go. Great picture of the deer. I have started early on the Christmas reading and makes too.

  3. Love all the blankets, I really should get my hook out. We do not do a commercial Christmas just a happy family time, so I love this time of the year, planning for family time and getting things ready.

  4. Quite a bargain! I was sitting in the Doctor's office yesterday waiting for my husband and read every Martha magazine I could find

  5. Oh my! You've said the C word! I am trying not to think about it yet (head in the sand, that's me!). But I entirely understand that after 6 years in the basement, you are keen to bring it on. And I confess that we still have a VCR, used once a year, on Good Friday, to watch my video of Jesus Christ Superstar. Hope you are having a good weekend. x

  6. I think we've still got a VCR and all those Disney tapes...oye. You have gone boldly ahead with Christmas and I'm not even cringing to hear the word. I'm newer to your blog so I'm wondering about you living in the basement in one room. Who let you out? Love your blanket. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  7. I need to get a VCR so I can see the tapes that I took of my two teens when they were tiny. Technology is moving on far to fast!! Yes, let's get on with Christmas, we can't fight against it anymore, especially now that the Christmas ads are coming out! Have a wonderful Sunday xx

  8. So glad you found a VCR and can watch your treasured tapes again! Your craft room will be such a cosy creative place! Loved seeing all the crochet blankets and the deer....and must get my Christmas reading sorted out soon too! Happy weekend.
    Helen xox

  9. Beautiful crochet and I love the colours you have used. I am trying not to think about Christmas at the moment apart from making gifts but those baubles are gorgeous.

  10. Fun post! We don't have a VCR machine any longer, but we do have a DVD player and still use it! So great you watched those Martha Stewart videos again.

  11. Cindy, So glad you got a VCR for ^ dollars. Way to go. What are we going to do I have some tapes too. LOL Love the blankets. You ladies are so talented. Cindy, I know you thought of your uncle with good memories. I have been missing my mom and dad so much. I miss my two brothers that passed on also...but the yearning for my parents has been so strong. I think it's these beautiful autumn days we have had. I hope you are loving yours too. Blessings my friend, xoxo, Susie


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