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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Shopping Trip 2016

Since I'm not out shopping right now, Thanksgiving evening, I thought I'd post about a shopping trip I went on last weekend.  It's been a family tradition for years. Some of the shopping trip traditions have changed throughout the years, and some new ones have started.  Like for the last few years, my Sister picks up donuts, and I always send a text to Vickie of me eating the donuts on the stick, her favorite.  Well this year, Taylor, my niece , joined us. 
 These two, the youngest, were dressed almost the same.
 Of course, we were all dressed very'll see later.
 In these pictures, we were opening presents we bought for each other...a tradition we say we are going to stop but just can's seem to do.

 Except for Gloria.  She got us a gift, but she didn't BUY them!  These dishes.

  They were given to her, by our Grandpa, many, many years ago. After our Grandma passed. 
 If I'm guessing correctly, in the early 1960's.  And she gave each of us a place setting.   With a letter telling us, "when the time comes we are to split the rest of the dishes amongst us."
Of course I'm not in a hurry for the "time to come".  I have to say that I sure do miss the younger days, when us cousins would all get together and play, and our parents were in the next room playing card games.  Oh how I miss those days.

These dishes are a very special gift that I will cherish forever.
Vickie, Cindy, Theresa 
Here they are in our house. 

I will post the rest of our gifts, and the rest of the story later...
Happy Thanksgiving and Good Night!



  1. It's like Christmas came early. Sounds like a very nice tradition. The gift of plates is certainly a lovely gesture.

  2. I like imagining how many people's days were happier just hearing your gang out laughing and having fun. {Especially Vickie's laugh, but I'm a little biased. ) The dish display is really nice... well done. Enjoy the holidays in that beautiful kitchen!!!

  3. Oh, how fun to be able to do this with those you love. Those dishes are so special. You are one lucky lady. Nancy


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