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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Mulberry Cottage Fashion Show & shopping in Nasvhille, IN

 A couple of weekends ago, on Friday and Saturday, my friend Teresa and I went to Nashville, IN. 
You've heard me talk about this little artsy town many times. And last year, my Mom and Cousin Vickie went to the fashion show.   We spent Friday shopping in downtown Nashville.  Quaintness everywhere!

Then at 5:00pm, we went to the Mini Boutique.  This is before the fashion show, which starts at 7:00.  They bring a lot of their clothes to the fashion show and have a buy one get one half price sale.
And this is the fashion show!  I hope you enjoy the clothes.

This fashion show teaches you how to take a slip with lace or ruffles, and turn a shirt into a dress by layering, and adding leggings. 

And there is every size from childrens to 3X!

And this lady comes out between sets and shows you how to add or take away a couple of items to make the outfit change looks completely.  She also owns the business!
Here she was explaining how you can take any scarf and make it an infinity scarf, just by tieing the opposite ends together!  Whodathunk?!?!!

See the layers.   These clothes are great for this time of year (winter-summer-fall weather, all in one day in Indiana!) and menopausal women!  I always find myself layering and UNlayering!

See anything you like?

Here is Ashley (I think that's her name) showing us how to layer the clothes.

making a change with the same shirt/dress on.
and another change.

More lace

After the fashion show, 8:00ish, we were encouraged to shop at the mini boutique some more, then head to the store in downtown Nashville.  About one minute away!

They had food and drink outside for us to enjoy.  Then inside for more shopping.
So after all of this fashionista fun....we get back to the room.....
and this is my friend!  LOL!
These are her Mom's sweater sleeves (and I thought they were boot socks)

and this is me!  I brought to left flip flops to wear for slippers!!!  LOL!  Yep!  We're divas allright!

The next day we did some more shopping...

and went to my favorite coffee shop for lunch and a latte' .
And I said good-bye to my favorite coffee shop owner.  You know how you don't really know someone, but you see them routinely and they kind of become a part of your life?  That's how he was.  We've probably been coming to this coffee shop for 18 years.  We pop in 3-4 times throughout the week when we visit Nashville.  The owner is always at the coffee shop, always has a smile, and a twinkle in his eye. You could tell he loved his business.  But he sold it because he said his wife wants to move to the Outer Banks in NC.  I wish them happiness.
 (picture hanging in shop)
Big Ass Cookies!
We also shopped at some of my favorite shops.  I love this little guy!  I think he's picking berries!

Loved this bird feeder.
I was trying to figure out where I could put this in my kitchen.  It would be great holding spices.
Can you have too many Christmas stockings?  Nah
This candy store was a lot of fun!
They had peanuts, covered in peanut butter, then double dipped in milk chocolate.  YUM! (which happened to be the only thing I purchased besides clothes at the fashion show)

Old fashioned candies everywhere.
And Heather with the Feathers loves her job, you can tell!
I love this idea for the bathroom or bedroom.

Want it!
This little cottage used to be a store, but now it's a rental house for people who want to vacation in Nashville, IN!
Lot's of quaintness in this artsy little town.  I hope you go there sometime.

See ya next year Nashville!

Cindy Bee


  1. Wow ! You always have so much fun. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving hugs cheri

  2. Cindy, I love Nashville , In. I have not been in years...but when the girls and I used to go every fall to Brown county, we went there and Bean Blossom. So many wonderful memories of my children and our good times. I like the clothes, they seem a bit on the gypsy side...but cute . Wishing you and yours a blessed Thanksgiving. xoxo, Susie


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