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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Decorating and Open Houses....I'm in the mood!

 I have to admit I am enjoying the Christmas season this year! 
I know...I's NOT Christmas season yet.... is to me! 
My gift to me is I'm not living in the basement, and I have a house to decorate!
I told my Shug I wanted greenery on those porches, and it just happened to be on sale last Sunday.
I only did one little decorating thing....

 Don't tell my family.....they get on to you for decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving.  But I wanted to do this before it got cold and snowy outside.  Besides.....if I went by Mom and Dad's house, I bet they have some Christmas decorations up! 

Ok, I might have done two little things....but that is IT!  And no one has noticed, so it's OK. 
New's ok to decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving...IF no one notices
This is on a shelf above my stove. 

Besides a tiny bit of decorating, I've been going to a lot of Christmas open houses.  It started out November 5, on a Saturday, with my cousin Vickie and her daughter Ashley.  We had a time limit so we formed a plan, and there was no breaking that plan!  No way No how!
Let's go!
First stop, Horton's of Tipton....   
and I actually took a lot of pictures so you can see their decorating style.

And Ashley, who wasn't sure she wanted to go, bought the most!
Hortons is having another open house on Saturday December 3, with vendors.
So is my friend Patti Beck.
You should plan on going.

Then off to the IUK craft show...and would you believe the only picture I took was of Santa!  This craft show is probably one of the best ones in Kokomo.  They have three huge rooms FULL of vendors, plus two long hallways.  They have door prizes and food and it's a lot of fun.
And Ashleeeeeee won a door prize (say in whiney voice)

After that we hurried (back-tracked, because someone didn't tell me where we were going, while I was driving by....AHEM....) to Teresa's Therapuetic Massage to sign up for something.  I don't know what and I apparently didn't win!  BUT, since it was in the same Plaza, we went to Junk-n-Java too.  Junk N Java is a store with vendors that sell crafty-creative-and antique-type stuff.  And coffee! Hence, Java.

After that, we hurried off to J. Edwards, which I showed you pictures of in a previous post, because I went there a couple of days earlier, but here is a refresher.

We did all of that with a little time to spare so we stopped at the GoodWill!!!! I was looking for a silver teapot, I had seen  the day before, but I was lured into waiting until the next day.  First Saturday of the month everything is 1/2 price at the GoodWill. Well someone snatched up the teapot, but they left this, which just might be cute on the table with greenery and Christmas ornaments. 
(I hope I can find my Christmas decorations)
So now, I'm feeling a bit creative.  See why I'm in the Christmas spirit!
How about you, has it hit yet? more thing....we went to a chili cook off off that night. 
Seriously...13 samples of chili. 
Is that hot dogs in that one cup!  I couldn't tell, but I'm thinking maybe it was!
Have a great day!

Cindy Bee


  1. Oh my goodness, what a beautiful eye candy filled post. I have housework to get to, but will be back to go through it again more slowly, later today. I Love Your Porches . . . the greenery and the red ribbons are gorgeous!

  2. Y'all certainly made the rounds. Sounds like a great day. Way too early for Christmas. I'm just now thinking it might be Fall. :)

  3. Cindy, I missed Horton's on the 5th. So I went this past Friday. I will be there the 3rd. :) I love your beautiful home and the way you decorated...I won't tell your mom . Glad you are enjoying such fun. Aren't these days the best. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  4. I'll pretend I didn't notice your decorations---but they sure look good. I'm getting in the spirit too, love Christmas.

  5. Yep - I didn't see your decorations either ;-) ... but I think you can be forgiven for decorating a little bit early after all that time living down in the basement. The rule in our house is that you can't decorate before Dec 1st ... but I may just have to uncover everything in our storage unit before then. Seems strange talking about Christmas when it was 70 degrees today!


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