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Monday, October 7, 2013

Scattered 50's Syndrome!

A couple of weeks ago, we had "therapy" at Groovy Girl Yarn...and peeps I tell you what....
by the time last week was over, I needed it!

 Of course, hanging out with women, at the yarn store, IS therapy.
 I believe we were trying to figure out what "our fire" was/is, when we were getting our therapy.  It started with me making the comment that I have too many hobbies, and I can't figure out what to give up and what to keep.
One thing I can figure out all by myself, when I'm so busy I just want to cry, then  I am too busy to do anything about my fire, even if I know what it is.  And my "therapist" says I have 
"Scattered 50's Syndrome!"
 Apparently my number one love is for nature, which encompasses flowers, gardening, and beekeeping.  I do, however, need to drop some hives.  
I also need to finish Coral Belle, have some craft shows,
and get organized.
(I can't even keep one room organized.)

So, in an effort to work on the crazy-ness,  I told my Shug a couple of days ago, that I am not doing another thing for this house, until I finish some stuff  I've already started. I didn't even know where to start, to finish stuff, including with my blog!
With my blog, I decided to start with the therapy day and move through last week.

The Saturday after I discovered I have Scattered 50's Syndrome
I decided to take a day of fun and go to
 Horton's Fall Festival in Tipton, IN, with my cousin Vickie.
(I worked all week on our house, getting ready for a family reunion, but we canceled because of the rain. So I felt relaxed with things at that time.)
 Horton's had a lot of doily, lace, and burlap pumpkins.
And they were really cute.
Seems doilies were the theme for the day...
I had to be different and buy this spider bracelet!
  Nicki, from The Vintage Farmhouse wanted some of my honey, and I wanted a lacey pumpkin, so we traded!
  After Horton's we had to stop at a local building supply type store to get a new umbrella for our table outside.  We like the one we bought here a couple of years ago.
 Do you see what is wrong with this picture?  I did not get an umbrella.  Halloween isn't even here yet for crying out loud!!!
 Whenever I have a spare moment,
 I squeeze in a bit of crocheting, which is something I really enjoy.  Why do I have to squeeze in stuff I really enjoy?

Not to worry peeps....I'm getting some R&R...and things are ok now...but last week

was a bear!

 I saw this on facebook and it reminded me of 
Edited.....On my computer this box shows up, but by the comments I'm getting it is not showing up on your computer.  It is one of those sayings that goes around on facebook.  It says,

What doesn't kill you
makes you stronger.
Except for bears,
bears will kill you.

 I keep telling Buttons this, she won't listen.  She goes out in the bush, on her own, with only a bell to scare the bears away.  
Jane, she stays inside when the bears are out!

Cindy Bee


  1. Don't know what was in the box at the end...
    Jane x

    1. A woman was attacked by a bear locally last week...I'm hoping that the bears stuff themselves with apples and will be too slow to chase me!
      Jane x

    2. Oh my gosh Jane. Is she going to be ok? I have a ton of apples I would GIVE them to leave you all alone!

      Cindy Bee

    3. Her dogs attacked the bear,she has head ,leg and stomach wounds but will recover.
      Jane x

  2. LOL...scattered 50's syndrome!...OK, now that you've eliminated and organized, can you tell me how to make those burlap pumpkins????....:)JP

    1. I haven't eliminated or organized one thing. I just NEED to! ha! I would tell you if I knew how. I did find some made on pinterest...let me see if I can find them on my pinterest page...hold on...try this blog post
      Let me know if you try it!


  3. Oh I like the scattered 50's label wonder what the 60's (me) is called:)
    I am glad you are taking care of you.... you are very important to me.
    About the I assume video it is a blank thing with a broken link symbol so I have to take your word for it that it was something about bears. I do not want you worrying about me OK.... I think Jane and Chris live farther North than I so I am pretty sure they have more bears.There are Bears called dump Bears up that way we do not have them.Trust me I do know what I am doing and am always very careful you have to remember I have been in this bush for over 35 years and my Dad was a bushman so I know what to do and not to do. Honestly I just carry the bell for you so you wont worry so STOP it I am fine I mean it.. Take care of you OK. xoxoxoxo B

  4. So I am back I forgot to say thank you for the knitting help but it still confuses me can you come on over and show me?:) Oh yes that spider bracelet my sister owned my Mom seen it on her wrist now she has it:) Yup she is like that. She loved my foot long red and white whatever it is:) hug B

  5. Oh, loving your granny squares Bee! Well I have been scattered for close to 6 years now....I think your therapist was right scattered 50's. Just keep on keeping on.


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