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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Scattered 50's Syndrome Part II

So...on Monday of last week, I felt like things were finally getting under control.  I was chatting away with my sister (on the phone) and making cute little pom poms with a fork...ahem....Pinterest...ya know...
I put them on a wire tree that my Shug made me years ago.  We saw the wire tree idea somewhere on one of our garden type vacay's we used to take.  I just set it around here and there, but never really knew what to do with it.  I think it would be perfect for a fairy garden!  And I just happen to have one, but I'm going to 'plant' the tree once I bring the garden inside.

I was also finally getting around to painting the doors that we have installed in our new home.  Yup, we've been living here for a year and I never have painted the doors...until now.  (I still have five to go)
And I was canning apples...still.
Doing all of this house-wife, homey, nesting type stuff that I LOVE to do.  
It's right under nature
1.  nature
2. nesting
3. crafting
Not painting!
But I got the phone call.  From the Realtor.  And if you read my house blog you already know this. 

The VA Appraiser wanted all of the potting shed windows scraped and painted.  Only our realtor THOUGHT she just wanted them scraped.  He said they did not have to be painted.
  Here's the thing.  
We already scraped them, before we put the house on the market!
 We figured it was a potting shed, it sits way back on the lot, and as long as the paint wasn't chipped it would be ok.  Well, My Shug said to tell the realtor he was just going to remove them.
I said. "You can't remove them now."  So he called the realtor and I was right, you can't remove them.
And when I told my parents, my Mom said, "we will help!"
Gotta love my parents!  I would have been there every day all day long were it not for them.

And Dad wasn't near as happy about it as he looks.  He was just smiling for the camera!
Mom wasn't going to waste a minute of time!
When I got the call from the realtor I wasn't near as upset about it as my Shug was.  But, the next morning, I woke up at 2:15 and didn't get back to sleep.  And when I'm tired, I don't feel like scraping windows.  And as we said....

it wasn't the windows that needed scraped, it was the caulking around the windows.  Which means they needed re-caulked.  I've never caulked windows before, but I've grouted tile and I've grouted ceiling tiles, so I figured I could do it.  Kind of like decorating a cake right?
What a pain.  What a loooooooong day. 

And when we went to see the realtor that evening, and we were signing some paperwork stating what needed done for the loan to be approved, I saw the word.  The dreaded P word, on the paper we signed.  Paint the windows, it read.  Inside and out.
And make sure there are no paint chips on the ground.  Must all be removed from premises. 
"Oh just slap some paint on there", he said,
"I want to hurt somebody", I said.
He laughed.
I didn't.
We also replaced this cracked window. 
I gently finished it off with the hammer.
See how the caulking came out with the window.  They are old, old, old windows.  From the 1940's.

After two FULL days of work, we got them finished.

They look pretty good too.

So hopefully,
This will pass the VA appraiser
and I can get back to canning, crafting, and painting doors (sigh)
I do not like painting anymore - - - at all.
So here is the question of the day....
How do you get rid of Scattered 50's Syndrome when you HAVE things that you HAVE to do, and you try to squeeze in stuff you WANT to do?  I know we all do it. But it seems I am always doing, doing, doing and not finishing anything.  Evah...ya hear me.
How do you do it peeps?  I see you out blogland.  So I know it's possible.  How's it done?  

Cindy Bee


  1. Cindy, That sounds nit-picking to me. But boy the windows look fabulous. I helped my daughter paint her new house, and our best compliement came from my granddaughter...she asked Angie if they hired a professional to paint. Angie said , "yes, Mommy " You are blessed with your helpful parents. But do not kid are a busy working person. Always doing something. xoxo, Susie

    1. That is a wonderful compliment. And you are not the first person to say they were nit-picking. As a matter of fact, most everyone said they had to really try hard to find something wrong. I know I'm busy working. And I am taking a much needed break.

      Cindy Bee

  2. LOL feral woman...I need a plan B...tequila makes my heart beat way too fast!

    Cindy Bee

  3. Oh that feral she is full of funny ideas is she right I have no idea but she cracks me up with the oneliners.
    OK here is my advice what I did I did all you did through those 50's then I finally made it tired and sore to the 60 number and said to heck with all of you I quit:) OK it sounds good doesn't least I said it and honestly I did slow down a lot. You will make it through I know it and it is not your fault that inspection thingy sounds stupid to me:)and your parents are awesome. I would have came over to watch you I could not help because I am sticking with the 60 I quit thingy.(make sense?)
    Take care my dear tired friend I love the way you use a fork:) I can only think of pie:) Hugs B

  4. Buttons...That feral is funny. I think the three of us would have fun together! You are right, I do need to say no a bit more. I don't have much planned, at least not at home, so that should help. What would really help is to not have to mess with our house in town anymore. I keep praying this time the sale will go through.

    Cindy Bee

  5. WHat a pain! I too think it was needless work for you.I know what you mean it's hard to stop to do chores when you have a million ideas! Hugs cheri

  6. Cindy the windows look wonderful and if it helps a sale complete then it will be worth it. We're in the same boat of trying to sell our house and every time we think the list of jobs is finished 3 more magically appear. Hurray for parents. I feel guilty when mine pitch in too (they're in their 80's) but I really appreciate the help. I don't mind the painting but the rubbing down and preparation drives me bonkers. Here's hoping we both get a sale. I love your pom pom tree. Simple, easy but beautiful too. Philippa xx

  7. There is just no magic way to make projects disappear. Even if you start now with thinking through when you start a new project, it will take a while before you see a change. But I think it is great that you have things that you long to do and that makes you happy. When I am stuck with things that get in the way of my want to do things I either play mind games, to make the musts become more pleasing, or I do what I want to first. It gives me energy to do the boring things. I guess it is a bit upside down, but I find it works for me. Dessert first, dinner after =)

  8. Fingers crossed all that hard work gets the house sold.


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