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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Hedgeapples & Spiders

I thought Halloween would be an appropriate time to post spider pics!  Here's the deal.  I'm not really afraid of spiders.  I mean, I don't want them crawling on me, but I'm not panicky, scaredy-cat, creepy-crawly, afraid of them.  
This one was in our shower when we first moved in. And okay... I was a little creeped out by it.  And I had to take a shower or I was going to be late, so I had to kill it.  I usually let them be, or take them out on a piece of paper.  But this one was BIG.  So I smashed it with a shoe and screamed while I did the deed.  

If you've ever watched a spider, they can weave some pretty cool webs.  Such as this Golden Orb Weaver I saw at Patty Beck's last year.
And I'm not freaked out wearing this bracelet.... 
(won these hand warmers at Grovy Girl Yarn!)

or having cool spider yard art in my yard made out of door knobs and bolts.
But this kinda freaked me out.  Not the mole!  But about two inches above it to the left.   I was cleaning out a cabinet in the garage and something itty-bitty-teeny-weeny-tiny-winy, bit me! And it hurt all the way to the core of my arm.  It hurt worse than any bee sting I've ever had.  And it immediately welted.
I killed that little bug too, which we decided was a tiny red spider.  It was about the size of those little no-seeum bugs, but it was red.  And the next day the area got bigger and itched a lot.  My nurse friend told me to draw a circle around it in pen and if it gets bigger to get to the hospital.  Now peeps, I've been stung, and never thought about going to the hospital over something like this.  But she seemed very concerned.  So I drew the circle.  That night I took Benadryl.  
The next day it swelled even more....but it wasn't itching as much.  So, I decided if the swelling didn't start going down the next day, I'd go to the hospital.  

Thankfully, it did start going down.  And when I went to spinning group I was telling them about the bug that bit me, and they suggested I get some hedgeapples and put them in the basement.  But where does one find hedgeapples?   Well, the next day...much to my surprise, one of my spinning friends came over with a whole sack of them!  (She told me the night before she had a friend die of a spider bite a couple of weeks prior)
 So I've decorated with them...
all over the house...

and it's the weirdest thing...
I haven't seen any spiders!

 What about you... Do you have any home remedies on how do you get rid of spiders?

Cindy Bee



  1. What are hedge apples and where do you get them?
    I've taken to vacuuming spiders up (hangs head in shame),but we have nasty bitey spiders in our firewood and I'm afraid one of us, or God forbid ,one of the cats will get bitten.
    Jane x

  2. We have some nasty ones here too Jane. Brown Recluse. Deadly. The hedgeapples grow on trees and I have no idea where to get them. I can't even remember the "official" name of the tree. I'm sure someone out there will know. Anyone?

  3. I'll admit it, spiders scare me and if I find them indoors, especially in the bedroom, I will smash them. I got bit by a spider when we first moved here, about 20 years ago, and the bite swelled terribly, the skin around the bite did not completely heal for almost a year. We too have a lot of brown recluse spiders, they like to crawl out of our firewood at night, ooooooooo !

    Now, what are hedgeapples ? I have never seen one until this post.

  4. Hey I asked my Shug because I could not remember to save my life (see sidebar on turning 55-can't remember stuff) anyway the tree that grows hedge apples is an Osage Orange.

  5. Cindy, Be sure to wash your hands after handling those hedge apples...I've heard they are poisonous. You can put peppermint oil on cotton balls and put them in dark's suppose to help. We put hedge apples in our basement and around the house outside. Please be careful. xoxo,Susie

  6. I am not afraid of spiders either. But I have heard some stories about their bites. We found a Black Widow in the truck of their car and we killed it. I did not know about the hedge apples but I have always thought they were so neat looking. Hope you had a wonderful Halloween and I hope to be posting more on my blog, thank you so much for your kind remarks!

  7. Ouch that looks a nasty bite. When you first said you were going to draw a circle around the swelling I thought it would be a much smaller one than that. Come to the UK, we don't have such spiders. We don't have hedgeapples either. They look very curious. Philippa xx

  8. Oh that looks sore that bite there are all kinds of weird spiders around I don't know of any poisonous ones here but I could be wrong. I do know I have never heard or seen a hedgeapples but would love them My Hero is not a big fan of spiders. Too bad we cannot ship things like that over the border. Take care Love those gloves. Hug B


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