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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Nashville, IN inspiration

 My Shug waiting on me while I get ready to go into the town of Nashville.  It takes about five minutes to get to Nashville, IN from the Brown County State Park.

Some of the stores are old houses, such as the one below.  Nashville was/is an artist colony.  The town is nothing but shops, restaurants, and inns.
The stores do sell some of the hand made items made by the local artists, but they also add some of the "made in China" type stuff to the mix.
Either way, I always get inspired when I go shopping in town.

I thought these roosters were cute!

The chainsaw carver was there again this year.

 See the guy below...on the front of the picket fence....

That'd be my Shug waiting on me again.....
More inspiration from one of our favorite stores, "Michaels."

They had these fence posts all over town.  I loved them!


 I hope you enjoyed Nashville, IN, and became as inspired as I did.

Fiona, I think you'd like it.  It's a three hour drive for us, which is why we make reservations and spend the night.   But make reservations before you go.  We make ours a year in advance.  Weekends at this time of year are almost impossible....and way too crowded.  I recommend weekdays if possible.

Cindy Bee

PS - Don't forget to enter my candy corn dishcloth give away on the last post.  Drawing Tuesday.


  1. Cindy, Thank you for taking be back to Nashville, In. I loved this town . I liked seeing the Christmas stuff. My girls loved the candy store they used to may still be there. This is where the Lawrance family used to blow the glass. They would make Christmas ornaments too. They had a shop there. Hope you and your Shug are doing better with your feet . xoxo,Susie

  2. It does look lovely - wish we had time for a trip soon, but we'll be moving into our new apartment in a few weeks (fingers crossed). Maybe next year!

  3. I enjoyed your view of Nashville. I used to love it there, but now it is just too crowded! I don't like having to wait in lines to get into the stores or be shoulder to shoulder with people on the sidewalks. I think I'd just rather be in the woods this time of year. :)


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