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Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Some random thoughts...
I am not ready for winter.
I'm never ready for winter.
 I feel it coming...
Magnolia Moose is getting restless.  He's roaming.
Apples are on the trees.  They do that in the fall you know.
So I stayed home and picked apples today, among other stuff. 
I'm hoping Mom will make some apple dumplings.
I always freeze them, and save them for a special day.  A day when I just need an apple dumpling.
 I can't bear to see the food go to waste.  When I was a kid I was made to clean my plate because people in China were starving.  Ironic isn't it?  China is richer than we are, people there are still starving, and I'm fat.  But, I've lost ten pounds, and I can pull my pants down without unzipping them, which makes it nice when I first walk in the door from running errands (or picking apples).  Because when I first walk in the door, I always have to run to the bathroom.  Do you do that?  What is the deal with that anyway?  It's like...walk in the door....gotta potty.
Anyway, here are some more random things I felt necessary to post about.
 (shitload of honey)
 I've decided to have less hives next year.  I might start selling bees instead of honey.  Maybe a little of both.  I don't know.  I have decided I don't need a dozen hives.
It's just so much work.
 I might set up a booth at First Friday, on Friday evening to sell some honey. 
And I am setting up a table at the yarn store THIS Saturday, and she is having a sidewalk sale.  It's a secret though.  So don't say anything.
 And these bears...they are up to no good.  I can tell.
Just like this dog, who is cute...adorable even...but also up to no good. 
 He pees on stuff. 
 See the yellow spot.  
That's the bottom of our bedspread.  It's just enough to make him think he's boss, and make me have to wash it.  He changed.  When we went on vacation back in June, and then came home and had kids stay with us the week....he changed.  We've been having problems since.  I think I get him back on track, then bam, I find something like pee on a bedspread. I know I will never get rid of him.  I also know I'm never going to have another male dog in the house.  I've said it before, I'm saying it now and I MEAN IT!

The's hard peeps.  When you are 55 years old, dieting is hard.  I'm lucky if I lose a pound a week.  I'm doing My Fitness Pal which is an app on my Iphone.
 I'm eating a lot of healthy stuff and as I said, I lost ten pounds.  You can't really tell when a person that weighs what I weigh loses ten pounds.  Maybe at 20pounds.  The other day I took some oats, chocolate chips, and almond slivers and drizzled honey on them and ate them just like that.  Yum.  Kind of high in calories but it felt healthy.  You should try it.  It's a good honey recipe.

 I eat a lot of oatmeal for breakfast with a few walnuts, cinnamon, honey, and fruit.  Yum again.

 Even though you can't tell I'm losing weight, I feel so much better. These berries came from our neighbors bushes.  Shhhh, don't tell them!  
They went on vacation and told us we could pick from their garden.  We were so busy that week that we went once.  By the time we went back, they came home early and they picked all the berries!

 And even though I'm on a diet, if I go to Logansport, IN, I will get a custard.  It's a smooth ice creamy type thing, for those of you who have never had one.  And Sycamore custard stand in Logansport is the best.  I used to have a lot of relatives in that town and we'd visit often when I was a child and We always got a custard.  It's tradition.

We had an accepted offer on our house in town, and at the last minute, it fell through.
I will tell you the story  on the neglected house blog....tomorrow.  So much of our spare time last week was spent talking to realtors and sprucing up our house in town....dusting....getting rid of the spiders that took up residence in the bathtub...stuff like that.  {sigh}

  This book is fabulous....
she is one of my favorite authors...and during the wedding reception at the end, I was laughing out loud.  Get the book, read it, it's summer fun reading.  Who cares if it's fallish outside. It's officially still summer, and I'm still carrying my summer fun purse!

  Remember this friend...

who helped me move 4289 bricks, and wrote PLEH on my husbands truck when we got stuck in the mud?

Well I had another friend paint a Kokomo brick for her.
 I took her to lunch and gave her this brick as a thank you.
 Cute huh.  You can read about the brick moving fun here and here.
 This is the easiest, quickest meal ever.  Take this ravioli,
 cook it, drizzle olive oil and parmesian cheese on it, and it's done.  Side of salad and it's a meal.

So, where did summer go?  Who knows....It is September already.  I haven't even posted about the Haynes Apperson Festival in July, or Hortons in July, or weaving at the Howard Co. Fair, or the State Fair that we went to for the first time in ten years.  I think I will save some summer posts for the winter...and survive on summer pictures and sunshine!
And talking about summer sunshine...
A friend bought all of these flower seeds for me!  
She said they were on sale at the dollar store for 3cents!  
 I will not count on Jasmine to help plant them.
 I found out this year....she is the worst gardener.  She didn't pull one weed.

Cindy Bee

 PS....he's trouble I tell ya.  I turn my back and he has been chewing on this ear of corn he removed from the compost bucket.  Deeeeeep cleansing breaths.  The floor is a mess.
 Where is his Mom and why isn't she paying attention to what he is into?
Buh bye...I got work to do.


  1. this is so funny I had a smile on my face as I was reading this.thanks for the smile-love dee x

  2. Nooooo,never ready for winter here either. We have a little boy,Jacob, who feels it's his duty to pee so that strangers know whose boss too!
    How many days until summer?
    Jane x

  3. Hello CindyI cannot. Believe you still let anonymous comments in lucky for me I am on my tablet so it is easier, I was over at Gerald and seen your post on her side bar I was checking to see if she found any of my lost U's :) Anyhow way to go the is good I think I gained that my pants do not button up.I should try your food it looks good. I am sorry about your house and the pee not the same way but still sorry.
    I like the brick and the honey looks real good wish I Lived closer.. Well better go seems my battery is dead. Anonymous/ Buttons hug:)

    1. Wow who is GERALD and how come he took Feral's spot on my comment. Does he take U's too:) ANyhow that is why I do not use this tablet often. Hugs B

    2. Gerald would be Feral's name if a tablet or I-phone named her!

      Cindy Bee

  4. Wow Cindy, just reading this made me tried, you have so much going on . . . that's what they call burning your candle at both ends. Or, maybe it's your way to diet, sounds like you're too busy to eat, LOL.
    Your honey looks beautiful and your old house, too. If I could move back to Indiana, I would love a house like that. The room between the house and garage would make a marvelous studio.
    I know you want to get it sold. It's so lovely I'm sure that someone will fall in love with it soon.
    Have a lovely week and have fun selling your Honey.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  5. I want to come to your house and pick apples and buy honey....mmm, honey apple butter! Have you thought of starting a 'rentabeehive' business? Apparently rent-a-chickens are the coming thing (a mini coop and 2 chickens, with the option to buy) so newbies can dip their toes in the water before committing. Why not with bees as well?

    I do know that people I've never met do care. Something about that 'Please' in my comments made me realise what a butthead I was being. *hugs* Take care of you!

  6. Ten is better than none, right? Cindy, if ever you need a night-time snack..oatmeal, cut up apple, cinnamon & in microwave...YUM!!!!...:)JP

  7. Nope - not ready for winter (never ready for it!) and I stubbornly don't want to think about it. I am ready for a holiday but that ain't going to happen this year - not with moving. Just looking forward to getting that over with, visiting with family in the UK and then being back in the US in about 2 weeks from now. Then I'm going to collapse in a heap when I see what the scales say and start that diet ... can't diet while I'm moving house - I eat when I'm stressed and I'm stressing out a bit now.

    Congratulations on losing those 10 pounds - that's fantastic.

  8. Cindy, Congrats on the weight's good not matter what the numbers. I remembered your brick hauling friend...I figure you two had strong grips and big boobs from lifting all those bricks so many times. LOL ..You got a lot of honey to last you. If I were younger , I'd buy some bees from you.xoxo,Susie

  9. Hey You did great with your honey.
    Your hives are the best, Bee..... I love the Kokomo brick.


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