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Monday, September 2, 2013

Happy Labor Day!

 My Sister in Law is happy because she traded me a bag of apples for this Vera Bradley purse.
(I seriously have got to stop buying purses-it was like new)
So, my Sister decided to have a Labor Day, end of summer family gathering on Saturday night.  The plan was to have a cornhole tournament.  Names were drawn and Mom kept reading the list to everyone...'cept no one was paying attention.  You had to be was funny.
The tournament started and I threw the first bean bag and it felt like my lower half of my arm came right out of my elbow socket.  I've had "tennis elbow" since last April.  It started from lifting bricks, then lifting beehives, and whatever else.  I thought I was almost healed.  OUCH!

As the evening wore on, Ava got a little bored with not being the center of attention!  So she planted herself right in the middle of our game.  Who's kid is she anyway?  She Looks like our family, she is not!
 After we ate....
 we celebrated Joey's birthday.

 He is my oldest niece's husband, and such a good sport.

 It was a bit windy out and his candles wouldn't stay lit, so we told him to pretend to blow them out!  He did.
And wish him luck.  He just finished law school and took his test in July.  He won't know anything until the end of this month.
Joey got this beautiful shot glass necklace to go with a bottle of some sort of alcohol,
 which he and his Dad did not bother with the shot glass, I noticed.

 My niece took off with my camera and took some pics...not bad for a ten year old.
 My Shug!

Trent (my Sister's husband, and Andrew, our nephew)
 My Bro
 My Sis

 Then the hula-hoop came out.


And Anh and Chee (and the boys, but no pictures!) showed up...finally! 
Oh  noooo....they went to our house, instead of my sisters house, and none of us answered the phone because we were playing corn hole and left our phones inside .{sigh} Lesson learned.


 And I'm sure you know where this is going....and this isn't any of our kids either!
So I guess it was a family, and then some...gathering!   He does have the blond hair though so he fit right in!

It's not really a swimming pond....
 But he was begging his parents to let him swim!
 The kids had bubbles and made their own fun....remember rolling down hills like this when you were a kid?  Simple, non-technological fun.  No i-pads, no phones....
as a matter of fact, we didn't have our phones out much at all that evening....
 Until the weather started getting bad....then we were all watching our phones!
The wind picked up and the clouds rolled in.
Some people left trying to beat the storms home,
 Others stayed until they blew over.

 Trent and Joey were trying to light a sky lantern before the rain started and the wind kept blowing out the matches.
So Trent got the "big guns" out!
 And we have lift off!  (you can order these online and they are really cool.  Kind of a miniature version of hot air balloons)

Everyone stayed outside until the last possible moment,

 Then we came in...had a little bit of thumb-war sumo style wrestling....
said our good nights....

 and went home.

Happy Labor Day everyone!
Did you do anything for End of Summer fun?
(it's not really over it?  Summer I mean?  Is it?  When is the last day of Summer anyway?)
Does this mean I need to get my Fall purse out?

Cindy Bee


  1. You had a wonderful day with family and friends...good for you!...:)JP

  2. You will not need your fall purse for a few weeks yet Cindy but don't let that stop you:)
    Always so much fun in your world. Happy Labour/Labor Day (I did that for Feral):)We went to an auction today there were ladders we did not buy but next time:)
    Take care my friend. Hug B

  3. Wow Cindy, your family has some great special times together.
    Its great to see that you cherish those moments.



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