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Friday, September 27, 2013

Let's go for a walk...

It's ok if you are still in your pj's...I am too!
 I took these pics yesterday morning...
 I love walking on our land in the morning.
 It's so peaceful...
The bees aren't even up yet.
 our pond
 For those of you who have asked me if we live in a dark basement room....not at all.  This is the outside area of the room we are living in, with two big windows.  I look at it as having two rooms in the summer months.  One is a patio, with the sky for a ceiling! When it rains or snows, that room is closed.  And I'm preparing for a family reunion on Sunday.  If the room isn't open, the reunion will be postponed.

 And this is my little garden area.  I have two boxes on both sides of the driveway.
Love Verbena.  The purple flower.  The first time I ever saw Verbena was when I went to Mackinac Island.  It was a wonderful vacation.  We stayed at the Metivier Inn.  I've loved verbena since....because it brings back such good memories of that vacation.  Plants do that for me.  I always notice the plants while I'm on vacation.  Sometimes my souvenir of that vacation are seeds (ssshhhhh! don't tell!)
I actually used to be a Master Gardener.  Well, actually, I was an Advanced Master Gardener (blush), and a Master Naturalist, and the Coordinator of the Community Garden, and the President of the Master Gardener Association, and I taught garden classes through Continuing Education, and I got burnt out really bad, and I was ready to send my volunteer hours in......I had them all typed up and ready to hit send, and I said to myself..."Self, why are you doing all of this?  Do you even like to garden anymore?  Is it self-serving?  Why, Self?  Why?"  I never hit the send button peeps.  I quit it ALL that year.  ALL! Our house in town...I even had the back yard certified as a Backyard Habitat for the National Wildlife Federation.  Sometimes we have to step back and ask ourselves "Why?"
Now I have two small garden areas and a whole lot of land.  You know what I love more than gardening...watching nature.  Life has been too busy with this house building project, but when it's done...I'm going to have a beautiful home and hopefully time to do what I love, and I will see nature from every room in the house!
Right now...I'm trying to figure out what "my fire" is.....see last post.
Things change....we go through life seasons....
But anyway...
Have you ever smelled Lemon Verbena?  
Which is not the same as Verbena (above) I think it smells more lemon-y than a lemon!
Stir some hot tea with it...lemon-y I tell ya.

Cindy Bee


  1. I love those misty shots...very atmospheric.
    Jane x

  2. HA!!!! you went feral concerning gardening!!!

    YES! score one for the feral chicks *fist bump*

  3. Cindy, Do you feel that sometimes things sound like what we want...then later the real fire is gone. My interest in our yard this year just about burned up with the dang grass. I told Ted , I am about ready to say let it be crabgrass and just mow. I'll give it one more year...then I am done. I wish you a nice pleasant dry day for your reunion. I thought of this morning as I peeked in at Horton's. xoxox,Susie

  4. Beautiful pictures Cindy. I did read your last post, I am thinking on it...not sure what my fire is right now. If I figure out I will report back. The book you shared is on my to read list. Sounds like I better pick it up from the library. Have a great weekend!


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