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Friday, December 14, 2012

Shopping and Dance Recital

Last Sunday my cousin, Vickie and I went shopping...and look what I found.
The cutest mugs to drink our hot chocolate in...or do you call it hot cocoa?

And this batter bowl.  My husband asked why I'd want a batter bowl, I already have one.  "'s red....and cute."

Then we went to my niece's dance recital.
I guess the dance instructor said if they didn't smile big,
she was going to speed up the music!

Tomorrow...I'm getting all of my  nieces, well not the 29 year old one!  But the three nieces and the one great niece, and they are spending the night with my husband and our ONE ROOM!  Yes, I know it's crazy-ness.  But here's the deal.  It's tradition.  I've blogged about this every year since I've blogged, and I've taken them way before I started blogging.  We always go to the parks with the lights, we do crafty stuff, or decorate cookies, and they always spend the night.  If I wait until this house is done, they will be too old and not want to hang with their Aunt Cindy.  And I can't stand not keeping tradition.  I just hope WE (my Shug included in that WE) keep our patience!

Cindy Bee


  1. lol, "why would you want another one", lol.

    Isn't it OBVIOUS?


  2. Now that sounds like loud crazy FUN to me crowded or not. Tradition is tradition. I know you are going to enjoy every minute and so are they.
    I love dance recitals and she looks beautiful. Have a great time love the finds. Hug B

  3. What a pretty little dancer your niece is! I love that batter bowl! The prettiest things can be found this time of year! Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. What fun with your family extended and close. Everyone good luck tonight. I think ya'll will be fine. If not alittle benadryl will put everyone to sleep. hahah

  5. Cindy, Sounds like a fun crazy day for you. I love that you always want to be with those little girls. Have lots of fun. Hey those cups are the cutest.xo, Susie

  6. These mug is super super CUTE !!! And your niece is also super super CUTE !!! (^o^)/"""

  7. Ohhhhhh! We've been finding every excuse under the ...clouds and rain... for enjoying some of that very same hot chocolate! I'm even whipping the real stuff for the topper! LOL I love your mugs! And that mixing bowl... always never have too many!


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