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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Family Reunion

On Saturday, I attended a family reunion.  Here's a picture of the family....I'm guessing about 55-58 years ago.   The lady standing in the back and the man holding two kids on the right started this family.  They had seven children.
And all but one of those children, have children....who have children....who have children.
Here is that family in a six generation picture.  There are several four generations right now, but no six.
Here is a picture of  the children of the man and woman who began it all...and their spouses.  (Minus one couple) This picture was maybe taken in the 1980's or 1990's, not sure which.  

Here is that family now!  This was the reunion I attended on Saturday.  When growing you can see in the above pictures, this family has always spent time together.  My cousins were my friends....still are!
My Dad and My Brother...
We rent a place now instead of going to someone's home.  
Food line!  
This little guy patted me on the leg and wanted me to take his picture.  I have no idea who they belong to!
Guess who these kids are waiting on?
Yup!  And Ava was not about to sit on his lap.  This is Ava with her Grandma, my cousin Gloria.
This man is the oldest person on this side of the family, and the little girl being fed a bottle is the youngest.
The women always play a game at the reunion, which includes gifts.
The men always play poker, which includes money!
My niece on the right, no idea who the kid is on the left, but they had a blast walking on these plastic buckets.  (use old person voice here....back when I was a kid.... we used cans and they gotta spend hard earned money at the store...blah blah blah...can't make anything...blah imagination....blah)
When is the last time you saw a puppet show?
This is Uncle Ike and Aunt Betty.  The oldest child of the original couple and his spouse.
Now my cousin Clint and me.  And we were all very happy to see him.  He is in the Navy and stationed in Japan.  (Master Chief if you must know...bragging just a bit)  I did a post on him and his wife a couple of years ago.  Remember the earthquake...he'd be the guy.  He was telling me he hasn't seen his wife in three months.  She has a blog (Koala's Krafts- on my side bar).  And Koala.....that package he is holding is a present for you from me.  I told him you can decorate the brown paper bag however you want and NO I did not make that tag.  I bought it.  His wife makes amazing cards and such out of paper.  So good to see Clint.  I'm guessing he is safely home in Japan right now.  They will be moving back to the states in a few months.  And he retires in four years.  And his Mom, Gloria (above pic with Santa) is ready for him to be back here in the states.  

And this was hilarious.  This is my cousin Johnny and his Grandson.  His grandson is crying his little eyes out because....from what I gathered....he wanted to take one of the rockem-sockem robots home with him.  The child's cousin got the rockem sockem robots from Santa and he decided he wanted it.  Johnny is very relaxed, texting someone on his phone and at the same time having a very serious conversation about why he cannot take one of them, but that maybe he'll get one for Christmas.  If I know Johnny, these kids get what they want. 

And this is my niece and my Dad (her Grandpa) playing hopscotch!

Hey...spend some time with family this Christmas.

Cindy Bee


  1. What a wonderful time it looks like you all had! You are so blessed to have so many family members for a get together!

  2. Oh this is fantastic we have not had a reunion like this in years. I love this it is amazing to see a family grow and grow and grow. It looks like everyone well except for the kid that did not get rockin sockin are all having fun.
    Love Grampa playing hopscotch.
    Oh this looks like so much fun.
    Wise words spend time with family. Hug B

  3. What a fun time that must have been for all.Our family gatherings are getting farther and farther apart.Blessings,Jen

  4. What a grand reunion! We had huge ones as well, many moons no one can seem to be bothered. =(

  5. Looks like you all had a great time! Our family has never had a reunion - we're all too far spread around the world to make it practical. We're hoping that my sister can come over from Australia next summer to visit our Dad and I'll hop across to the UK to see them - that's the closest we'll ever get!

  6. The family reunion was fun:::;so hard to get us all together but for the ones that do come;::enjoyed by all:::
    Little help::the two little kids (boy and girl) are Audree (Angie's daughter and Austin Adrian's son)otherwise Annette's grandkids----the little gal with Sarah was Lori and Johnny's granddaughter-----
    One more thing:::My Dad was the oldest there (88 years old) But Uncle Ike is the oldest of Grandparent's living children --My Mom was the oldest born--loved the blog starting out with the older pics and wish I had the real dates for you:::::thanks for sharing::::
    the cuz

  7. Cindy, I know you loved your family time. You seem to be a family girl. I laughed when you said your cousins were your friends. When we were young my mom used to tell us kids.."you don't need friends, you have your brothers and sisters."LOL xo,Susie

  8. Thank you for sharing the many NICE pictures !!! I wish I were there with you, but I am glad to see these nice pictures.
    Once again thank you for your cute knit presents, we are hanging them in our living room with my balloon !!! (^o^)/"""


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