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Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas decorating

 Before the tree incident, I had a post ready to go.
 I had the tree up and partially decorated Tuesday evening....
and as the week went on I added more decorations as I found them, until yesterday.  Yesterday is when the tree fell over.  We got it back up. I cleaned things up and now everything is back in order.  Only two broken bulbs. But there are a few special bulbs I didn't put back on the tree. 
The trunk on this tree is crooked.  How we didn't see it when we went shopping....who knows.  But apparently one of the bolts in the Christmas tree stand bent and that's how it fell.

Ok - so here's the post I had ready to go.

My Shug said we have no room in our house for a real Christmas tree, so I put this big, artificial one up, to prove to him that we do have the room for a tree.  Must us women always have to prove everything?
So, the day after Thanksgiving, we got a tree.

We had to find a skinny one though.
but if I had to settle for skinny, I wanted tall.

We found it!
My Shug helps with the lights, and I add the ornaments and other such stuff.

Our ornaments are old glass ones that I've collected over the years at garage sales and antique stores.
And a few were given to me.  I am still missing a box with a very special ornament in it.  It's around here somewhere.
This is one end of our room.
 And this is the other end.  
I got the place decorated in time for my friends I used to work with at Purdue to come over for a brunch.
 Good friends, good times.
Cindy Bee


  1. Gosh Cindy, sorry about the tree falling over and breaking your ornaments.

    I did notice a few similarities in your photos. We have very similar windows. I have to have a tall skinny tree. I have one of those metal stands (we call them baker stands, not sure if you do), the white one in the picture behind the Christmas tree, next to the window.

    My tree is a bit messy, cos I didn't have any lights until after I decorated the tree, so created a bit of a mess trying to put them on.


  2. Cindy glad that the damage was not worse!Love how things are looking though,very pretty.Hugs,Jen

  3. Oh that is a perfect little yet tall tree for a perfect little house. Sorry about the bulbs but happy about friends and laughter. Hugs B

  4. Cindy Bee what would the Christmas season be without a few big hiccups! What a pretty tree. I just have little ones this year. Hugs Cheri

  5. could have been worse, at least no one was under the tree when it fell....not even going to tell you my embarrassing story!

    1. OH that's not fair....please share ;)

  6. Hi Cindy Bee,
    Bummer about your tree and ornaments but you'll get it all fixed up. You are a resourceful woman (see burlap earring holder post and many others)
    We didn't have a tree for the last 2 years bc of Violet. This year we put it up and she bearly looks at it. The kitties love hanging out under the lights.
    Um why is Granny Bee - Granny Bee....she looks so young!

  7. Julie,
    Granny Bee is really a granny. I think she's 50, or something like that. But the reason she is the Granny Bee has to do with our stitchery group. I'm afraid to call it a craft group, lest she see my comment. She doesn't like the word craft. She feels it belittles handmade items. I don't really remember the exact way they came up with the name but it has to do with doing Granny type stitching and bee's (ex: quilting bees) something like that..hellll. I dunno.....Anyway, the name of the stitching group I'm in is The Granny Bees. She has a blog listed in my side-bar. They do mostly primitive type stuff. Not to be confused with the Groovy Girls of Anarchy (TUesday night crochet group). The groups cross-over with some of the people.

    OK Nicki----DO TELL.

    Cindy Bee (Bee - because I'm a beekeeper!)

  8. Your little place looks sooo nice::::
    glad you were able to put a tree up for the holidays;::makes it more festive
    Enjoy~~~and glad nothing serious came out of the fallen tree
    enjoyed seeing you Sat. and phone call on Sunday
    the cuz

  9. Cindy, Sorry some of the ornaments broke...I know I would cry if a couple of my favorites would break. Your shuggy is good to help you. I end up doing everything here. Glad you had fun with your work pals. I just had a brunch with some of my classmates yesterday. We had 12 show up. Take care,xo,Susie


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