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Monday, December 3, 2012

Look what I made!

Excuse the messy house...errr, I mean.  I actually cleaned it up today.  And I wanted to show you what simple and quick thing I made.  I took this frame I've had laying around the house.
And I took some burlap, and a staple gun, and stapled the burlap to the frame all the way around.
 Like this...

I cut off the excess burlap,

 So I had a nicely framed piece of burlap,
 to hang a bunch of my earrings on! 

Cindy Bee


  1. That's pretty awesome I like it!!! Good job

  2. Cindy, That's a quick way to display lots of earrings. Or make more room in your jewelry chest. I have seen these made with screenwire too. xox, Susie

  3. ooh, oooh, oooh, oooh, what a great idea!
    This would be good for my women's ministry paper jewellery stuff.
    Thanks for that Cindy Bee.

  4. Great idea! Thanks for sharing.


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