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Friday, February 9, 2018

Simple Pleasures Or Hygee

Here are some things I do to help lift my spirits in the gloomy, cold, snowy days of winter.

Feeding and watching the birds.

   Latte's and fresh flowers!
A friend of mine came over last Friday and she said she went home and put all of her snowmen away because the flowers in our house put her in such a happy mood.  (made me feel good)
 Nothing says Spring like fresh flowers!
I have designated Friday as Fun Friday.  It's not that I always go out on Fridays, but I try to do what I want or something enjoyable.  Of course, that's after my Shug leaves for work because he still needs to eat.  
Sometimes I bake. 
 We tend to fix more comfort food in the winter months.
Not good for the waist line. 
What waist line you say?
(French toast with special French bread, blueberries, and honey on top)
 I have scented candles, faux' candles, and little lights spread around the house on tables.  The faux' candles, and some lights are on timers, and provide a warm glow where overhead lights do not.

see the glows?

Afghans, quilts and pillows that are easily accessible for a quick nap or a cozy evening.

All of these ideas are simple pleasures that make me feel good, and are easy enough for anyone to do.

Sometimes...the gloomies are helped out by neighbors!

 We have a great view of our neighbors driveway from our bedroom window...
 I was snapping pictures of the UPS truck in our neighbors drive way, and sending them to him.  It's hard to see but the back end of the truck slid off of the driveway and went backwards into some trees. 
So the UPS driver called a buddy with a truck.  After about twenty minutes of pulling out ropes to tie  the trucks to each other, the white truck did nothing but spin his tires on the ice, as he tried to pull him out!
 Sorry about the screen, but for obvious reasons I couldn't go outside and start taking pictures!  So then they called in the big guns!  This big-honkin' tow truck pulled up and got him unstuck.  And guess what....UPS left a note on their door to call them and DID NOT leave their package!

On another evening, I decided to have the Cassville Chata Chicks over.  I was out and about, and went by two grocery stores and they were PACKED.  Any time we are to get snow, the grocery stores are always packed!  So I decided I wouldn't have the Chata Chicks over because I was not going to stand in those lines for junk food.  Then I decided I would have them over after all,  if I could scrounge up enough food in my pantry.
And guess what...
Throw snack foods in pretty bowls, put on a tablecloth, and flowers,  and look what happens!
 For those of you who don't know, the Cassville Chata Chicks are my neighbor ladies.  We get together every now and then, discuss life, and enjoy a glass (or two) of wine.

When I'm in a non-social, relaxing mood I turn on the fireplace, make some hot chocolate or hot tea, and watch a movie.  (I'm doing that now!)

 and put on my pj's and wash off my make-up and snuggle.  
 Much to my dog's happiness, I'm doing a lot more snuggling/relaxing this winter.

I can never decide between marshmallows or whipped topping.
Sometimes I use both!  
And I always use a pretty mug.
  I have seasonal mugs that I change out, and right now, the spring ones are out.  

We even have an electric fireplace in our bedroom that warms our room up.  It too has an automatic timer.  

So my friend and I were chatting on the phone the other day and she said she bought a book on Hygee (pronounced HUE-gah)  She said it has different chapters on ways to bring Hygee into your life.  It means... Comfy, cozy, comfort food, mood lighting, warmth, blankeys, etc. 
Basically, simple pleasures.
Kind of what I do to get through the winter.

And sometimes God provides a bit of his own Hygee!

What are some simple pleasures you enjoy this time of year?
What do you do suggest for Fun Fridays!



  1. Our house is much the same, loads of candles(fake), rugs and blankets, cups of drinking chocolate with both cream and marshmallows, warm and snug inside.

  2. Looks like you're enjoying the comforts of home, I like your lights and afghans. We have an electric fireplace in the bedroom too.

  3. Well I am totally relaxed and hungry now :) Winter is almost over ....right?:) Hugs B I changed my email address :)

  4. Your home looks so inviting and warm. No wonder you want to just settle in and snuggle.


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