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Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy New Year!


I hope everyone had a great start to the new year! 

We spent our New Year's Eve day as follows....
Shopping at World Market for after Christmas specials!
Then we went to Scotty's Brew House for Lunch/Dinner.
 We were with my cousin and her husband.  After eating, we went to Indiana Live Casino.
 Here's a great picture of them.
 It was OUR 22nd Anniversary, and I kept saying I want a picture, but we kept forgetting!  So, when we came home, I insisted.  And when I looked at this, we were hardly smiling....geesh
 So I went over to the recliner and told him to smile!

 Earlier in the day we received a call from a neighbor that was having a NYE party.  We told him we had plans but we usually get home early.  We do.  We are those people that go out early and get home early, before all of the drunk drivers and crowds appear!  So we were home by 9:30.  We hung out for awhile and decided to go ahead and head to the neighbors.  We thought it was nice they invited us, and we really don't know our neighbors out here that well. 

Truth is...I would have put on my jammies and watched TV and My Shug said he thought we should go!  And that is totally opposite of us!  Usually, I want to go and he doesn't!  So, off we went.... 
 and we had a great time!  So glad we are getting to know some neighbors, we had a great time!
And the best part of all was when my phone rang AT MIDNIGHT and it was my 81 year old parents calling me to say HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I want to be like them if I get to that age. And right after that call, my Sister called to say Happy New Year!  Love my family.

 New Years Day was very relaxed.  We did some stuff around the house, and went to see Rogue One, which I did not like at all and even dozed off!!!  I'm not a science fiction, space, or psycho movie fan, and Rogue One falls into the Space category.  As my great niece Dylan once said, "if it doesn't have fairies or princesses in it, I ain't watching it!"

Dixie had the right idea....face in the shade, body in the sun absorbing some Vitamin D in these cold winter months.

I don't have a lot of plans this month, so I'm going to do a little catch up for the month of December over the next few days.

Oh...I almost forgot!  Resolutions! 
Did YOU make any?

Cindy Bee


  1. I would give anything (almost) for your energy . . . I'm happy that you finally got your smiling photo!
    Happy New Years!
    Connie :)

  2. Sounds like you had a busy and nice NYE. We never stay up til midnight. I'm not a sci fi movie person either. We saw the Indian movie Dangal on New Year's Day; based on a true story and very inspiring. Happy New Year!

  3. Happy New Year! And congratulations on your glad you got some lovely smiley photos after all!
    Helen xox

  4. Cindy, I truly would love to move some mini walks around the driveways ...just to keep moving. I would join curves in town...but hate to drive that distance to work out. I try to do things here to stay fit. Looks like you were having some fun times. Ted and I are early to bed and up the next day. No partying for us any more. We have been lucky around these parts as far as snow goes...I have loved it. I hope winter won't be too harsh or long. You know it's 77 days till Spring. :):) Blessings to you my friend, xoxo, Susie


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