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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas Decorations!

Good Evening and Merry Christmas!

It's almost over....15 minutes to go.

Back in November, Dave and I put up outside greenery and bows on our house.  It's the first year we have lived in this house, on the main level, and I was going to do it up right. 
 I knew it would be a lot easier to decorate the outside in nice weather. 
I also knew with every day it didn't snow, we were cheating winter.  That didn't last long!
We also put battery operated candles in our windows.

 And a Christmas tree on our little porch.

When you walk into our house, you enter into the foyer.

 These primitive decorations remind me of the Granny Bee days at the cabin and all of the fun Christmas open houses and ornament extravaganza days we had together.

 Off of the foyer is our kitchen.  The dishes you see here are from my cousin, Gloria.  They were my Grandmother's dishes.  My Mom's Mom.  She gave my sister, my cousin Vickie, and me a place setting this year for Christmas.
 The rest is a hodge podge of deorations that I've collected, made, or received as gifts over the years.
 I just realized I only got close ups of the decorations and no pictures of the furniture that the decorations are on, so I may edit this post later.  But this is on a pie safe in the kitchen.

 And this is on a Hoosier Cabinet.
This is my kitchen island. 
 This little tree is decorated with ornaments handmade by people I know.  Including the Santa.

I love having an array of Christmas mugs and I have used them for the last couple of months.

 This is a little breakfast nook area in our kitchen, which looks out into a nature area with bird feeders.
 This is knitted Christmas bulbs that I made years ago.

If I had to say which room I spent the most time in during the last two months, I couldn't guess.  But I would say I have spent a lot of quiet mornings, and fun times with family and friends in this room.  It's our living/dining room. 
When we went to get our tree I said I was getting the biggest tree I could find that would fit in this room, and I did!  Phew!  You have to remember that we lived in one room in a basement for three and a half years while we built this level of the house.  We moved up here last February, but some of the rooms were still not finished.  We hung the last light, in July, a week before Dave went in for one of two surgeries he had this summer. 
I said I was going to decorate this house for the holidays and I did!  I haven't even seen some of my Christmas stuff for several years.
And while I relaxed in this room, I couldn't take enough pictures.  The beauty of the snow, and the sky, with the tree, was so peaceful.

This is in the dining area of the room.

  I even polished the silver!

Looking from the dining area to the living area and into the den.

For years I have either bought or made a tree and I now have a little woods that I put on our coffee table.

 Remember the Waltons?  That's their home on the bottom left of the picture.  They live in my woods.
 This little truck was an addition this year.
 Taken from the other end looking to the dining area.

Early morning coffee and a book under a quilt on the couch.   

 This tree holds some ornaments I made from the wax from my own bees.  These were leftover from the last ornament extravaganza I was in with the Granny Bees.

 I did a lot of entertaining in this room in the last few weeks which I will be telling you about on my blog "The Bee Lady from Hilltop Farm."

4) DEN
 And now we are in the den.  The place where Dave and I spend our evenings, by the fire, and the TV.  This is a Christmas tree Mom made for me years and years ago.  I've kept it all of these years and am enjoying it again. 

  One of our porches is off of the den.

And our bedroom is off of the den.
We have another cozy fireplace in our bedroom that we've turned on quite a lot in the last month.  It's an electric fireplace that we bought rather inexpensive.  We added the antique mirror above it and we love it.  It's cozy and it has a timer on it that automatically shuts off.  Plus it throws out some heat.

That's it for my Christmas decorations.  I hope you enjoyed them as much as I have this last month.  I will be posting all the fun times this past month on my other blog and hopefully get it all caught up this week.  But for now, I think I'll go snuggle in and enjoy that fireplace.  Good night from our home to yours, and I hope you had a very Merry Christmas!

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Cindy & Dave


  1. So pretty, you have made your house a true home, full of your ideas, your cherished possessions and love. Oh my, how in the world did you live in the basement for 3 1/2 years.

  2. Cindy, your home is lovely and I'm so happy that you're settled in and enjoying it. My friend gave me one of those ceramic trees (different base) and its upstairs on display right now. I also have a small one with bird lights on it. Happy New Year. Hope 2017 brings nothing but good things for you and your Shug.

  3. Lovely tree, and a very rich variety of ornaments and decorations!

  4. Everything looks so very beautiful. And you do have gorgeous views. After 3-1/2 years of living in the basement, you definitely should decorate to the hilt.

  5. How did I do it? I didn't have a choice! After we finished the room in the basement that we decided to live in, we sold our home. So I didn't have a choice! And we really needed to sell our home to be with the house we were building. We were spending too much time driving back and forth and too much time apart. And we couldn't take care of both places. I insisted we move upstairs before we even had the main level finished though. I had enough!


  6. What an amazing job - both inside and out. I can't decide on my favorite thing. It's either the evergreen bowers and red bows on the outside or the Christmas tree valance in the breakfast area. The ornaments made from wax from your very own bees are pretty impressive also. I don't do much decorating, so I thoroughly enjoyed your tour. Next year you can just refer us here. I'll be ready to see it again.

  7. Cindy, I love your new home and the way you decorated it. I really like your little Christmas woods and the Walton house. :) Blessings to you and your family. Wishing all of you a healthy and happy new year. xoxo, Susie


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