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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Family Reunion 2016

I mentioned a few posts back that we had a family reunion.  It was on the first Sunday of December.  Since I am the one that takes responsibility for getting the building to have the reunion, I get there early on the day of and set up tables and chairs.  I always have help though.  And this year these two guys came early and helped!  Troy and Clint - THANK YOU! 
I didn't have to set up (or take down) one table or chair!
I told one of my cousins it was kind of fun ordering a couple of Navy Captains around!!! 
Truth is, we don't think of each other as anything except family.
And I always appreciate the help.  I don't think people realize all of the work that goes into something like this, UNLESS they've done it.  I know I didn't.  It starts at noon and I get there at 10:30.

 People started arriving...

 and reserving their lunch spots!

 Look at all of this food!  I don't mess with making sure we have just enough meat, desserts, fruit, veggies, etc.  The way I look at it.....we have enough.  And it's one meal.  If we have to eat only meat and chocolate for one meal, we'll live through it.  If someone wants to take over that part of the reunion and make sure the food is all divvied up just right, they are welcome to do so!
 And check out this food line!!!
 it goes all the way down one side of the building!

 It gives everyone time to visit.
 And a few people decide to take a chance on having something left, and sit the line out.
The ladies bring a gift, and play a game every year.

Vickie was leading the game and we couldn't hear her so she stood on the chair. 
 Can you hear me now?
 Some of the conversations, oh my!!!  My sister is giving someone 'the look'.  Apparently, it had to do with a comment she made about sexy lingerie or underwear or something!!!
 LOL!  My sister is still giving her 'the look'!  The things you don't notice when you are actually taking the picture!  Funny.....
 Akemi is showing off her boots!  It had to do with the game we were playing.  Someone had to trade their gift with someone who had on winter boots.

 Game over, clean up commences.  And Gloria spilled a bunch of turkey juices all down the front of her and MY TABLECLOTHS!!!!!  GLORIA!
 The guys (and a couple of the girls) eat and start playing cards.  Yes you see some coins on the table.  Not gonna lie.  It is what it is.  This side of the family grew up playing cards and sometimes it involves a small amount of change. 

 A snapshot or two before we go.  It's the first time in years that she has had everyone at home for the reunion.  All three of her sons live in different states.  Not only did they come, but so did their families.  Big smile on Gloria's face this year.
(and I hope the pictures I took with her phone are not as blurry as this one!)
 This is me with my cousin Jamie, and every picture I take of him he has his eyes closed!  I don't know, maybe he sleeps standing up.
And look how special...daughters and Dad's dressing alike...not on purpose! 
 Youngest person in our family, Oliver Hardy.
 And time to go home because...of course, on the ONE DAY that people travel for miles to get to this snows.....
 and snows.....
 and it's getting ugly...
 and slick....
 but everyone made it home safe!
Merry Christmas!  I hope you get to spend time with family.  If not during the Holidays, maybe throughout the  new year.



  1. How wonderful that you all were able to get together like this.

  2. Cindy, Getting even a small family together is almost imposable. And a big is work. But I always say those that care will make an effort to join in and those that don't , won't. It is sad too....because who is truly going to love us like our families. Bless you. xoxo, Susie
    p.s. My daughter got two ornaments from some Becks kid and Patti made them.


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