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Sunday, December 11, 2016

A visit to the Indiana Repertory Theatre

 Well we got the bad weather they said we'd get.
 The wind dusted our porches with snow, even though they are covered.
 And here's a few pictures looking out our kitchen window.

 We have a nature area right outside our window and we are visited by a lot of different species of birds and a few squirrels too.

 The main reason for this post is about going to the Indiana Repertory Theatre.  It was a bit scary driving for a little while, but once we got out of our town, the roads were fine.  My Shug and I picked up my parents, then we went to my sister's house and she drove from there.  This little one asked me how long before we get there and I told her to take a nap and we'd be there before she knew it!  She informed me that she goes to St. Louis every other year and she tries and tries to take a nap but she can't, until she is almost there, and then her parents wake her up when she is sound asleep!  So funny.
 We met my Sister-In-Law there with her two kids.  This is inside the theatre.  I just love all of these old buildings in downtown Indianapolis.  They have so much more character than the newer buildings of today.  And the workmanship is remarkable.

We sat in the balcony. 
 I took a couple of quick pictures of the set before the show started but it's hard to see as it was dark inside the theatre.  We were asked not to take pictures during the play.
We were seeing "A Christmas Carol." 
 It was a great play with a lot of little surprises hidden under the snow!
 And here we are before the show...having fun trying on clothes and taking pictures.
This is me and My Shug.
 My nieces.

 Our parents

 My sister-in-law and my sister.
 The original plan was to go out to eat and to look at the lights in downtown Indy, but with the roads being so bad in our town on the way down, and with the forecast not being good, we decided to head back home instead.  So we all packed back into the suv.
 It must be tiring being a kid!
Glad we ended up coming home as the roads were beginning to get slick again.  We did fine until right after dropping off our parents.  We hit a slick spot and thought we were going to end up in the ditch.  Lucky for us, we got home safely and stayed put!



  1. You need to take that photo of you and your hubby and put it on your Christmas cards, if not this year next.
    So sweet :)

  2. I saw that photo of you and your hubby on IG and thought you had gone to the theater that way. Or that you were part of some caroling group. Ha! Looks like it was a fun night. Glad you were able to navigate the road. Icy patches sure are scary.

  3. Cindy, I love the theater. I really like the photos of all of you in the old attire. It is so cold today...I need long underwear. LOL. Blessings to all of you. xoxo, Susie

  4. Looks like you had an awesome time! I just saw your comment on my last post. :( But I came to see you. :) Merry Christmas! xoxo

  5. I love going to the theatre. And I love that winter wonderland :)

  6. You always have so much fun. By the way where do you buy chalkboard paint?


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