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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Rain Rain Go Away....

 We've had A LOT of rain lately.
It's ok...better than snow.
This WAS our creek last has flooded into the whole woods.

Here, you can see the damage the tornado did, back in August.
 The big clump in the center of the picture is a gigantic root ball from a tree that was uprooted.
This is normally dry land!

 We have had a lot of foggy mornings and evenings too.  You can see here, to the left, where the water came up out of the pond and went to the woods to the East.  See where those little trees are to the left of the picture.  Well, those are normally on land.
 Here's a  picture I took about a month ago.  If you look closely in front of that bunch of shrubbery, you can see a fox walking on our land, in front of the frozen pond.  The fox actually walked across the pond. 
 Here is that same shrubbery, in the middle of the flood. 
 I had mentioned in my last post that we did not get the predicted ice storm a week ago, but instead we got all of this rain.  And oh boy, was the wind ever blowing.  We were a bit nervous in this area of the country.  But all was ok the next day.

And this past weekend.....SUNSHINE!   First time we've seen sunshine in over a week!  And...
The temperature was in the 50's and 60's.  And guess what was buzzing around EVERY SINGLE HIVE!!!! 
I'm so hopeful!



  1. It is amazing how the weather can go from one thing to another so quickly isn't it!

  2. Good Morning Cindy, Oh, I wish we could get a day or two of warm days to melt this stuff away. I blew up your photo and saw the fox. We have a family of them around here, I've not seen them, but Steve and one of our nephews have.
    Congratulations on the sunshine, it with help dry things up.
    Have a lovely day . . . Enjoy my friend.
    Connie :)

  3. Yippee for sunshine. Hoping we get some for my sister's visit this weekend here in the Seattle area.

  4. We had the ice storm, followed by heating problems. All fixed now but it was a bit chilly for a while! Glad the storm passed you by.


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