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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Crochet and a book!

I got a text from someone I know that said she is going to have a market in May.  She asked me if I wanted to participate.  And I happen to have some yarn that I bought years ago to make a blanket.  It's cotton and it's ocean/nautical colors.  And since the purchase of that yarn years ago, I no longer make blankets out of cotton. 
 So the other day I got that yarn out, and started on a bag. 
I'm thinking beach bags, out of cotton, nautical colored yarn.  What do you think?
 I started it over a few times, trying to decide how to go with it.  I have plan A, B, and C on it in this picture below.
 B won
I'm sort of winging the color pattern.   And if I don't like it, hopefully someone will.  I plan on making each bag different, until I run out of this yarn.   And then I'll feel good for using up stash!  (hopefully I'll get it used up before the new yarn we all ordered comes in.   I saw this quote tonight somewhere and I like it.  " I have a yarn stash and I apologize to no one for having it! It brings me joy!)
 I'm using the pattern from Lucy at Attic 24's blog.  I've made a few of these bags so they are kind of easy for me, which is why I feel comfortable enough to change the pattern a little bit.  And I do enjoy making them.  It felt good playing with this yarn and this comfortable bag pattern.  It's summery and I AM A SUMMER GIRL! 

And I have LOVED this book.  Little Beach Street Bakery  by Jenny Colgan.  It's the first time in a long time that I have read a book and will be sad when it's over!  I love the characters in this book.  It's about a young lady who has a business with her boyfriend and it goes belly-up. Her boyfriend breaks up with her and she has to start her life over, from nothing.  She ends up moving to an island town, in a run down flat, above a decrepit bakery.  I love islands, harbors, baking, and there is even a beekeeper in this book! However, do not pay attention to the beekeeping terms the author uses....for example you do not "card the combs" to get the honey out of the hive.   And really, I can't imagine the main character in the book doing everything she does and still having time to sleep, let alone have a life.  HOWEVER!  Get past that's a's fiction...just get to know the characters and enjoy!  I am!

What could be better...
a new beachy color coffee cup
beach bags in ocean/nautical colors
an island, a harbor, baking, beekeeping = A Good Book
Oh, and bonus!  The book has recipes in it!
And it's hump day!
Joining Ginny at Small Things Blog for Yarn Along.

Now I think I'll go bake something!  (kidding - gonna get the pjs on and crochet!)



  1. Fun post! I need to start a new book, I have been reading short stories by Louisa May Alcott. It is taking me a while. Ready for something new. Great colors for beach bags!

  2. I have yet to make a Lucy Bag, but I want to. Happy crocheting yours, and enjoying your book as well. :)

  3. I LOVE the colours that you've picked! I don't crochet much (I knit out of habit, mostly) but I think I might want to try making one of my own...

  4. You tied this post together nicely. The book sounds like a good read. And the beach bags are gonna be great. Using up your stash is a bonus! :)

  5. Those bags are going to be wonderful and the colors are gorgeous. Interesting post.
    Stay warm.
    Connie :)

  6. I love the bag! I'd love to learn how to make one... Did you just keep making a circle? Love this!!

    1. Tammy,
      If you go to Attic 24's blog (she is in my sidebar to the right) and look up her bag pattern (she has made a couple of them in different sizes and with different weights of yarn) you will be able to find the pattern. Basically, the size of the bottom of the bag is going to determine how big the bag is. So stop increasing when you get the size you want and start crocheting without increasing. That will build up the sides. I hope that helps.

  7. Your bags will be beautiful I am sure!! I love the colours, cotton yarn isn't always easy to work with, but the results are always so good aren't they. Happy reading too!


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