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Friday, January 13, 2017

Crocheted hat and other stuff because it's Five on Friday!

Hey it's FRIDAY!!!!  YAY!!!!! 
Time for Five on Friday with Amy.

ONE - I made a hat!
I've made a lot of hats but never one of these.
For the last three years at Christmas my brother has  mentioned he wants one of those hats that I had back when we were little with the long tails on it.  I decided this year I was going to try to find a pattern.  And I don't have any pictures of the progress but, the pattern can be found on Two Little C's Blog.  Click here if you want to go to the pattern. 
 I did make a few changes.  For one, I always crochet my hats too loosely and have to make a few decrease rows to tighten them up.  In this pattern that was fine because my brother is tall, so it just made the hat longer.  Then I decided to tighten it up a bit more, by changing the band.

The pattern calls for front post back post for a few rows at the end.
I did all front post.  That seems to tighten them up a bit more.

You can see the difference in this picture.  Doing this does change the inside of the hat, but it works out OK.  He can actually roll the band up if he wants to.
So here is the finished project before the pom pom.  Another thing I changed was I didn't make stripes.  I thought he might prefer plain.

Pom Pom making
I decided to get my pom pom maker out, rather than use the old cardboard method.  I actually watched a video on you tube to make sure I was using it correctly.  It comes in four pieces.  You can see two of them below.  You put the two halves together and wrap yarn around each half.
Like this...

Then you snap those two halves together to form a circle, and start cutting through the channel provided with the pom pom maker.

Cut all the way around.  I know, it's a bit intimidating because you have all of these loose threads just hanging, but it will be ok.  It takes a lot of yarn to make one of these.  You want to try to keep count of how many times you wrap each side, because you want the pom pom to be even.  I sort of lost count but it was somewhere around 200 or more, on each side!
(and I ended up going through a little more than one skein of yarn for this hat)

After you get the pom pom (pp) cut, make sure your pp maker does not come apart, you cut a long piece of yarn, wrap the yarn around (inside) the channel (where you  just cut the yarn) and tie a knot.  Make sure you get the yarn tightly around the loose strands because this piece of yarn holds the pp together.  I tied it once, then turned the pp over and tied it again on the other side, then double, or maybe triple tied it on that same side to make a tight knot.

After it's all secured with your knot, you start pulling the pp maker apart.  Gently...


I evened it up a bit.

Sew it on the end of the hat...


Here is the finished project!

I think it turned out great and I can't wait to give it to him.  I love it!  I laughed when I put it on!  I don't think anyone in his family reads my blog which is why I went ahead and posted it.  I'm hoping to see him Sunday.
Thank you for the pattern Chassity, from Two Little C's  blogspot. 

We are supposed to get together this Sunday for our Dad's birthday, but there is an ice storm heading our way.  Praying for warmer temperatures everywhere!  Last I heard it is about a 1000 mile long ice storm which could do a lot of devastation to our country.

I've been wanting to show you the carpet bag type purse my mom got me for Christmas.  She drew my name, and I found this at a First Friday event, at a booth at our local art center.  I told her she could get it for me for Christmas if she wanted to!

 I'm trying to decide if it's too big to carry as a purse/bag.  I'm a big bag person. 
Or do I want to use it for little crafty projects.  What do you think it was used for in it's original purpose?  It has a lot of pockets and zippers inside.  And it's in great shape.  My nephew's girlfriend gasped out loud when she saw me open it on Christmas day!  I'm the oddball in our family that likes stuff like this!

and FIVE...
because I don't really have a five, I'm showing you this adorable picture of my boy.  He is so stinkin' cute!

That's it.  Happy Friday!  I'm joining Amy with Five on Friday.  Don't forget to go to her blog and check out what others are up to and
 Have a great weekend
and please....
No ice ice ice storm..
(people are still cleaning up from the August tornadoes!)



  1. You must be somewhat near me because we're in the path of the giant ice storm as well. Nothing yet but we're on alert it could be an early release day for our schools. Love the hat! I also like your purse/bag. So many fun compartments, I'd use it as a purse.

  2. What a fun pom pom hat! Your brother will love it. Hope the storms ease up.

  3. I loved the hat, a real delight to see. Hope you don't get the ice storm, take care.

  4. The pom pom hat is amazing, I'm sure it will be well loved. Your bag or purse is very pretty and your little dog is so sweet:)

  5. Love the hat! It will keep someone warm with the storm coming. It's been years since I made a pom pom. I remember making some when I was a kid. I always found it really fascinating and a little magical.

    Happy Five on Friday!

  6. Thanks for showing us how the pom pom maker works. I have only tried the cardboard method. I love the way the hat came out and I hope he enjoys wearing it! My purse always seems to have a stitching project in it so you could use it for both I bet. I am afraid the ice storm is coming to you from our direction. Sorry about that.

  7. Your crochet work is wonderful and your little guy is so cute!

  8. The hat is adorable! I see that you tie your pom poms as many times as I do! I am always worried they are going to come apart. Hope your brother loves it. I hope that you don't/didn't get the ice storm, they are not fun at all are they. Stay safe and warm, enjoy doggie hugs and looking at your pretty new bag!

  9. What a great hat with a lovely pom pom, just the thing to keep you warm in an ice storm. Take care.

  10. That hat is fabulous! I had one like it when I was little - I think we called it a "pixie hat" and I loved mine. I hope the ice storm stays away and that your Dad has a lovely birthday. x

  11. I like the hat ! I'll take one in blue please. :)

  12. I loved the is just wonderful! Loved the picture of your dear little dog too nestled in there. I hope the ice storm didn't happen...take care and keep cosy.
    Helen xox


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