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Monday, November 9, 2015

One big honking crochet post!

So.... I just downloaded every yarn/crochet picture on my phone.  I have to clear pics off of my phone, so I thought I'd do a crochet catch-up post.  

Last June....
I thought I needed a project for St. Thomas.  I mean who can just sit on a beach, right?
All I did was get the yarn out and decide on an order, but I never touched it!  
 This yarn is called "Weekend" yarn and it's a cotton blend.  I then took it with me to Kentucky over July 4 holiday,
 and started a bag.  It was supposed to be a beach bag.
 only beach season is now over (insert sad face here!)
and I did finish the crochet part....but the lining part....I haven't even started!

 I even finished the handles at our last crochet group gathering.
Then, remember this hat?  It was yarn that I had spun myself and I tried using a pattern for the hat.

Well, I do believe I told you I finished the hat

and made some handwarmers. 
 After I finished the hat and handwarmers, I decided to turn the too big hat upside down
 and make a bag out of it.

I got quite a bit done on the bag when I realized I switched from half double crochet to single.  
I texted a couple of people in my crochet group and "K" said to go with it that she liked it.  I took her advice and went with it, but now, I think I would like the bag if it were shaped more like the beach bag above.  It's just too long this way.  I could have stopped it sooner, but I was using up the yarn.  So I think I'm going to re-do it.  It's not a big deal really.  Mindless crocheting in the evenings while watching tv.
And, I have been working on a blanket for several years!  Not really.   I showed you a blanket in a post a few months can see it here....I had started it years ago when I was going to teach how to make a granny square at the Winter Woolen Workshop.  I put it away because I didn't really like the colors.   If you check out the post a few months back, you'll see I took out denim and black and added pink and yellow.
So I started crocheting the squares, and realized, I am not going to have enough of the bright blue to make three more squares like the ones I have.
so I started making small squares out of the yarn I had left.

One of the ladies from the "knitting" (not to be confused with crocheting) group at the coffee shop (we are nice to each other) suggested I put the four smaller squares together and stitch around them to make blocks the same size as the bigger blocks.
 So I did!
Deciding a border color wasn't too hard since these were the only yarns and colors I had enough of to go all the way around the blanket a couple of times.

 Then there was the decision to do three or four rows of the last color.  I'm glad I only did three,

because that same lady suggested I end the blanket with a "crab stitch" or "reverse crochet stitch."  It's the same stitch but has two different names.  So I looked it up on you tube and started crab stitching away!
I love the cottony feel of this blanket,

and we've been doing a lot of snuggling under it and on it already!

 This is his Sweet and Innocent look!
And I don't think I ever showed you the finished honeycomb bag.
I actually followed a pattern out of a magazine.   
Only her bag in the picture is much bigger and I like it better.  (sigh)
I even got it lined and everything.
 And would you believe I never carried it one time.
 Maybe next summer.  Or maybe I'll make a bigger one!

Debbie is moving right along on her blanket.
And we have a new member in our group, Cheryl.  She posted on facebook the other day that it got chilly in her house and she put her scarf on and it kept her right shoulder warm!  She keeps ripping it out.  Kind of like Debbie's "other" blanket....The one we don't talk about it.  shhhhh

See the ends....kind of a bit uneven.
 I told her the next time to just keep going, that once she wraps it around her neck a few times no one will ever notice!  She is learning and I sometimes think when you are learning you should just go with it.  It'll come.
Well, it's late and I'm tired.
And that's it for crochet for now, so I'm getting all of these pictures off of my phone!

Cindy Bee 

PS.  Our "K" had another foot surgery.  This is three in almost one years time.  I believe this will be the final surgery and she'll be up dancing soon!  But Lawsy blogettes...she has been through IT with that foot, I tell you what.  Prayers for her if you are so inclined.


  1. Good Morning Cindy, I came over to see your new sink, but WOW! have you been a busy girl. I love the hat you made, especially in the second photo, LOL. Your honeycomb bag is beautiful and perfect for a Bee Lady :)
    Now I'm going to see if your sink photos are in the post before this one. Have a very happy day!
    Connie :)

  2. Connie, I have a blog called "The House on Hilltop Farm" and the sink picture is on that blog. On the sidebar of this bog is a house with a link....just click on it.
    Cindy Bee

  3. Wow! Your are quite the crocheter! I got a kick out of that hat that you turned into a purse! Great idea. I am buying yard tomorrow to try to knit an infinity scarf! Am tired of sewing pillow cases. Finished the last two today. Nancy

  4. Wow! Your are quite the crocheter! I got a kick out of that hat that you turned into a purse! Great idea. I am buying yard tomorrow to try to knit an infinity scarf! Am tired of sewing pillow cases. Finished the last two today. Nancy


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