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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A Happy Blanket of Color

Happy Fat Tuesday!  

So, instead of Fat Tuesday, and food,
 let's talk about crochet,
and color!

Remember the blanket I asked you all about?
 Yup...this one.  boring.
 None of you said to rip it out.  And I do appreciate your helpful comments.  I really do.  

Don't's not nice to hate.

I think I just had to get my head wrapped around the fact that I needed to rip it out.  I actually do like this yarn, a lot, I just wasn't into the color combination. 
So here's a lesson for us all to learn...
 Look what a couple of color changes can do!

I love denim and black, on my body, but not in my house.  So, I took these two colors out.
Maybe I'll make something to wear out of a bikini when I lose all of my weight (snicker-as if)

After much fiddling with yarn that I already have at home...and realizing there is no pink or sunshiney yellow in the blankey....

 and after taking it to the coffee shop.....
 and consulting with  my yarny friends.....who, by the way, are used to this type of behavior from me....
 we picked out a color combination
that I LOVE!
They agreed with me  Out with the denim and the black.
And add pinks and yellow.  
It's not the same yarn, but still a nice cotton in the same weight.


 Look what these very minor changes can do.
I L.O.V.E it I tell you!
   See how much happier it is!
 I haven't taken out the old blanket yet.  I'm making as many "happy blanket" squares as I can with what I have, then I'll take the old blanket out.
Look at the difference....I actually look forward to crocheting this happy blanket of color.

The happy blanket is perfect for me to take places and not have to think about what I'm doing.  Or to watch TV and crochet.  I need mindless crochet when I'm visiting or watching.
      I'm making some squares with the happy colors, then crocheting them together.
 So, what do you think?  Be nice.
 and Be happy.
and Have a Happy Fat Tuesday!

Cindy Bee

(this post has been edited)
 Side note:  I will say that I don't usually donate stuff like this because I don't think people realize the amount of time and money that goes into hand made items.  The yarn is $5-6 a skein, and they are not big skeins.  And I have (had) about 27 skeins.  If I counted correctly, I have three of each color.    I probably didn't buy it all at once, and I might have gotten some of it on sale, but the big picture is, it isn't cheap.  And I've just seen way too many of these in garage sales and at Goodwill for a couple of dollars.  I only give hand made gifts to people that REALLY appreciate them. 

Another side note:  We were talking about the above side note in spinning last night, and a lady told me about someone she knew who sent her son and daughter-in-law a sewn by hand quilt as a wedding gift.  When the mother went to visit them the dog was laying on the quilt.  A few years later, the daughter-in-law started quilting, and apologized profusely for what she did with the quilt.  I admitted, I've done the same thing!


  1. SO much brighter and happier, I love it!

  2. from your last paragraph, I totally agree. A lot of time and love has gone into what you make.

  3. I do like the change! Very cheery indeed!

  4. I will agree, Cindy. The change is much more cheerful!

  5. Great colour combo. Its the hardest part choosing the colours for a project. once you have it right all is well with the world :)

  6. Cindy, you put so much love and attention into your work and I like everything you do. If it's made with love, it is beautiful. Really I think that the color choice has to do with the mood your in. One day one would look prettiest to you and another day the other one would. Love the story about the quilt and the dog:)
    Keep Smiling.
    Connie :)

  7. Cindy, You are so brave.. I like your new colors. You could make scarves for men with the denim and black. Or hats. Hope you are keeping warm...this has been a cold February. 28 more days till spring. Bless you, xoxo,Susie

  8. That blanket looks really inviting in this cold weather!!


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