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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Big Honkin' Crochet Post

 This is one big honkin' crochet post.   I am determined to work on WIP's.  But I am at a point on them where I can't take them with me.   And when I have crochet group, I need to take something yarnish!
 Well, last Tuesday I had a couple of friends having birthdays and I wanted to give them a little something.  So I made these 'dishcloths'.
 You could actually use them to set a potted plant on, or a vase of flowers, or a dishcloth.
 I used one to cover my pitcher of tea, lest flying dust mites and debree get in it. 
 Last Thursday crochet group wanted to make them, so we made several.  I am using up my stash of sugar and cream yarn.  It's not the greatest yarn, but it'll work for dishcloths and such.

 What I like about them is they are quick (1 hour) so I'm not getting another unfinished project when I make them.  They are easily transportable.  And I think they are going to be my "go to" gift this year!  You know, when you need a gift for someone you kind of know, but not really, or someone needs cheered up...just a little something.
Like My sister's friend chose to wear hers!
(this was during wine and chocolate evening last Friday)
I don't think she needed cheered up, but it was her birthday, so I gave her a couple.
This way you kind of get an idea of the size of them....well, sort of!
Ok enought of that.
This bag WIP is coming along.  I've almost got all the hexi's, poly's, etc. sewn together.
 Which has made me realize I am not going to make a hexi blanket!
One thing I did figure out the other day, to make this transportable, I can pin the pieces together.  I've had it on the table for the last three weeks, not to be moved! Why does it take me so long to figure things out!
 Now this is what I need your advice on.  I started this blanket several years ago.  I was making it to show people (students) what you can do with granny squares.  I was teaching a class.  These are not my colors. I probably just went to a craft store, bought some yarn and started hooking.  There are no pinks or yellows in it.  What was I thinking?  Hence, it is hard for me to work on this blanket.
I could keep going but what am I going to do with it if it isn't my colors.
I happened upon this picture in Molly Makes magazine from a month or two ago.'s a bit blurry but you can see it better.  It's almost the same colors. Very close. I like the way they did their squares better.  But they are still not my colors.  Should I.......
A.   Just rip it out and use the yarn for something else?
B.  Rip part of it out and make the pattern in the molly makes mag.  It would be quicker to do this, than it would to keep going, even though it involves ripping out.
C.  Add some colors (which will not be the same yarn because Lion Brand does not make this yarn anymore) to make it more my colors and start over.....which is really I guess we have choice A or B.....or maybe D
D which would be to just keep on crocheting it, knowing you probably are not going to use it.  Ugh.

Cindy Bee


  1. Cindy, Do those dish cloths come in c cups? LOL. I know you girls were having a fine time. I think I would not rip anything out...just make it's art, there's no mistakes in art. I do love the idea of taking your yarn with you to make the cloths. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  2. Oh my! Cindy, you gave me a good laugh. I do think that your dishcloths are way too pretty for washing dishes, but maybe a bikini top is a bit much, LOL.
    You and your friends have so much fun when you get together. I love it!
    Keep smiling, Connie :)

  3. Love the dishcloths!! I would be tempted just to finish the blanket at the earliest opportunity and find someone who loves the colours to give it to.... or raffle it for a good cause.

  4. If you think that you will use it if you did the magazine look then do that version. If not you can finish it and you have a gift or you could donate it to the We Care Auction.


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