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Friday, November 13, 2015

Bye CC

There is a group of ladies I meet with once a month.  We all worked at Purdue Statewide Technology (a division of Purdue University) and we have all either retired, or quit for other reasons.  Either way, we quit working there so I dubbed us the "Quitters, and it stuck!" 
A couple of weeks ago we all got together to say Good-Bye.  CC was moving to Southern Indiana.  It's only a couple of hours away, but it's not going to be a trip across town to see her.  I was driving. We were going to surprise her and not tell her where we were going, but before we even got down the street and I went to turn, I had some backseat drivers!  And I was trying to listen to the travel app on my phone, who was telling me a different direction.  So said I, "Cecilia, we are taking you to the casino.  Since you know how to get there, I will listen to you and no one else.  If anyone else tries to backseat drive I am going to pull this bus over and let you drive!"  It got quiet!!!!! I have turned into my father.  (Sigh)  Only I think he was going to "pull over and spank our butts" or "turn this bus around!" 
She was ready!  (we all pitched in some ones for her - big gamblers we are huh?)
We told her she was Queen for the day!
I was trying to take a selfie with everyone by this jeep....

It was not working out!
Lawsy People!  I was trying to hurry because I was afraid we were going to get in trouble for taking a picture inside a casino!  I don't think it's allowed.
Ta Dah!  Thank you Mr. Stranger for asking us if we needed help.  We sure do!

Cindy Bee

PS  I'm finally finishing up some summer pictures.  If you want to see our "sunset cruise", click here!

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  1. Looks like everyone is having a great time!
    I'm sorry your comments on my blog no longer appear in my email.:-( I miss keeping up with you!


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