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Friday, November 13, 2015

Sunset Cruise

 Remember back in June....the wedding...that went on all summer! Well, I got so behind in the story telling that I stopped before I told you about our three hour tour...our three hour tour!  

 My Shug and I with my sister photobombing the picture!
How do people get by with that when you can see the picture immediately!
 The only pic we got of the Mother of the Bride on the 'cruise' because...well.....we told her to take some Dramamine. 
 My Sister and her husband who is refusing to be in the picture I guess!
 Chris and Alan
 The Maid of Honor and the Flower Girl

 A friend of mine had this picture (below)framed and gave it to me for my Birthday!  I love it!

 St. Thomas from the bay

 My Sister and I
 I wonder if this place is haunted?

 The Heavenly Days were coming to an end because this is the last evening we were all together in St. Thomas.
 Cindy Bee


  1. On this windy,grey,rainy day...that sure looks good!
    Jane x

  2. Motherofbride and sail boats don't mix


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