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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Thanskgiving on the Rocks or Epic Persimmon Pudding fail!

My Sister was going to start a blog called "Why I Drink Wine." 
 I think it's a great idea. 
 I could do guest posts now and then!  
On Wednesday evening my plan was to make persimmon pudding, apple pie, and do some blogging and blog hopping.  

But this happened instead...

 Which took over an hour to clean up, and I'm still finding glass.
This is what a baking pan full of cooked persimmon pudding looks like, when it is set on the stove top, and explodes. Yes, it literally exploded.  The stove top was probably hot.  I actually just moved the pudding from the left burner to the right one when it went BOOM! Luckily, I did not get hurt.  But the persimmon pudding was ruined, and the second batch that was started, had to be started over, since glass flew everywhere.  And I do mean EVERYWHERE!
And this ain't no box mix people.  Recipe here.
 I was not happy.  As a matter of fact, when Mom called to tease me about it, I told her it's too early to be teasing me.  She heard about it through my sister, who heard about it through me.  News travels fast in this family.
And actually, Mom and Dad bought the persimmon pulp for me a couple of weeks ago.  And they bought extra this year because Dad wanted me to make him one all for himself!
Mom then offered to come over and help me clean it up.  I declined, but thanked her.
In times like this it's best I be alone!
I tend to talk a lot, to myself, during times like this, and I probably wouldn't want anyone to hear me!  Oh come on, don't pretend you don't do that now and again!
 And the reason I use my stove top for a counter top is because I have been living (for too long) in a room with one foot of counter space.  My advice is two fold.
1)  Do not  use your stove top for a counter top
2) Do not agree to move into one room in a basement while your husband builds a house.  Because your one room will probably only have one foot of counter top.
 I did get the persimmon pudding re-made, in two smaller pans, that are not glass.  I decided if there was enough left, I'd give one to Dad.  (I also made a spare blackberry pie, that I left in the car, just in case there wasn't enough dessert.)  
 At this point it was late.  So I sat down to watch repeats of Friends while I sipped on some Bailey's Irish Creme, on the rocks mind you!

Thanksgiving Day we went to my Sister and her husband's house.  We got there early because my Shug brings wood and he always starts a fire in their fireplace. 
My niece came downstairs, because "her Mother said so," and she started snacking on some mac and cheese.....
Yep, it's a hair!  I know.  What would Martha say?  What will Mother say!
I will probably get in trouble for even posting this picture!
I did not eat any mac and cheese, nor did I make it, but for those that did eat some, and if you read my blog....
what you didn't know, didn't kill you right?
So, I say...."Hand me that bottle of wine kid!"  
And I had wine....not on the rocks.
Now do not get the wrong idea.  I was not getting drunk on either occasion.
Have you ever seen the Ellen video when Gladys says, "I love the Lord but I drink a little!" can call me Gladys if'n you want!
This is my Sister's MIL, and our Mom.
and Dad, My Shug, Emily, and My Brother relaxing before dinner.

  While my Sister's Shug cut the turkey.
Now here I am with no pictures of the beautiful table setting.  And it was beautiful. 
We all ate, and then,
we played the kleenex box game!
I keep threatening to take Pinterest away from my sister.
You take a kleenex box,
put ping pong balls inside it,
belt it to your backside,
then you jump around and bend backwards and do whatever jig you can do to get the ping pong balls to fall out of the kleenex box.  
Yes, I'm serious.
And yes, this was AFTER we ate Thanksgiving dinner.
What in thee hell....
Who comes up with this stuff?
 And I seriously just had a conversation with my crochet group the other day about why I don't jump around anymore.
 I said, "I'd poke my eye out!"
 And "K" said, "She'd knock herself out!"  LOLOL!
(notice I did not put pics of myself on here!)
This pixie of a kid won.  Of course, she could have done a back bend if she wanted to.
I'd suffocate myself doing a back bend, but that'd be after I broke my back, or passed out!
 Now crafts are a different story!
I brought the stuff to make some Christmas decorations. 
 My sister found one of the craft ideas, and I found another one.
 And I think those that participated enjoyed it.  No jumping required!
 Cute huh?
 We then all gathered for dessert....
 and to wish Lorri a Happy Birthday!!!!
 During which time Mom and Andrew struck up a conversation about what Mom wanted for Christmas.  Now, Andrew is 29 and Mom is 80.  Andrew drew her name.  I happened to be standing nearby and heard him ask her if  she wanted to go sky diving with him for a Christmas present!  And she was seriously giving it some thought! I know!
What in thee hell again!
I said, "No, please, you will break something." When others asked what we were talking about, the conversation then turned to that Bush guy that did it at 95.  Whatev!  He probably had Dr.'s standing by!!!

I came home and hung up my Christmas tree,
 put my salt shaker next to my sugar shaker from a couple of years ago....
 put my pumpkin away that I made a couple of weeks ago,
 and called it a night!  I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day....on the rocks!

Cindy Bee


  1. Hi Cindy, what a fun post. Your family certainly knows how to have a good time. I might have to remember that game for when my granddaughters come to visit. It sounds lot a lot of laughs. As for the wine, well, it was Jesus's first miracle, right. Plus they say it is very good for you . . . I've never developed a taste for it, but then maybe I've never had any of the good stuff. :) Was there any Persimmon Pudding left for your Dad to take home with him? Broken glass . . . the worst mess to clean up ever! So sorry.
    Connie :)

  2. Hi Connie,
    Yes there was a pan left for Dad. I might have left the extra pan in the fridge during dessert. We had plenty anyway.
    You are right about Jesus' first miracle!!! And besides, if you blow up the oven picture, there is a towel hanging there my friend "K" bought me and it specifically says to Eat, DRINK, and give thanks! I did all three.

  3. cindy, I hate that your persimmon dessert broke. I cook with glass pans too. My daughter once added some water to a dish and it busted up...she didn't know. I told her you can't add anything that's not as hot as the dish. So she uses those cooking bags and in her roaster now. I know you have cleaned and cleaned...I would too...for fear of even a sliver of glass being around. Looks to me that you guys had so much food, that there would be plenty of stuff to go around . :):) Glad your dad got his treat. No, I am with sky diving. I wanted to learn to surf, sky dive and scuba dive.. Well as close to all that I ever got was flying an airplane from Kokomo to Muncie airport...Of course I did not land it. I have snorkeled twice in the Gulf . I will never learn to ski...I do not want any broken bones at my age. So in life there are things we will never get to we have to settled for things along that line. LOL. Blessings to you dear Cindy. xoxo,Susie

    1. Hi Susie, you are correct, I have cleaned and cleaned. I've been worried my little dog will get a sliver in his paw. I've skied, both water and snow. I sold my skies last year. You could still snorkel. There used to be a place in Kokomo called The Diving Den and they would give you lessons in a pool. I have a 70 year old friend that has snorkels for the last 20 years ( since I've known her. Probably longer). I tried taking a lesson and I did it but I am claustrophobic and I didn't like the way it made me feel. I snorkel every chance I get. Blessings to you too!

  4. Cindy, I love your post & I love your family. Happy Thanksgiving! ~K

    1. My family loves you too K! I'm sure of it!

  5. I thought hair in you're food is ok as long it is from a family member. Plus, I washed my hair. You can't take Pinterest away.

    1. Well as long as you washed it then it's ok I suppose! Lol!!!


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