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Monday, March 23, 2015

My Non-Florida Trip Souvenirs and other life stuff

Thank you for all of your sweet comments. 
I am celebrating Spring now.
I did get some pansies over the weekend.
 and some cute spring ducks!  My Easter pet!
I decided to hold off on the tulips for Easter.

Saturday morning I texted a friend to see if she wanted to go to Horton's Spring Open house.
 She knew I was having a rough time.
 She came over and off we went.  I've said it many times before, when times are tough it's nice to have someone you can turn to that helps you smile...and laugh....and laugh-we did!
 These are some things I did not buy at Hortons, but do love.
 One thing I did buy was an old journal and it had a little bit of writing in it.  It was hard to read but they were talking about a surrender in France and General Eisenhower.  Not President, but General.  I wish they would have written more.

As I was standing there discussing cute things with my friend I heard someone yell "Cindy!" I turned around to find Susie who has the blog "She Junks."  Go to her blog (on my side bar)
 I had to quickly put on some lipstick before getting my picture taken with her!  Susie is the nicest person ever.  (Suze-can I call you Suze?  Hey I tried to comment on your blog and it wouldn't let me.  I'll try again tomorrow) Anyway, we had so much to talk about in such a short amount of time.  It's so fun meeting other bloggers don't you think?

 So after my friend and I went to Horton's, we decided to go to Hobby Lobby, but first....we were going to run into Goodwill and find whatever we could in 15 minutes!

We decided to shop for Non-Florida trip souvenirs and not buy them! So the hunt was on....

All of these Florida souvenirs were for sale at the Good Will.  
We ended up laughing at our souvenir hunt.  You should try it!
Ready...set...go....see how many you can find in 15 minutes!
I did buy a cool frog pitcher which I will get a picture of later.  I'm sitting down eating pie, drinking coffee, and watching a movie and blogging.  Shug will be home soon. I should not be eating pie this late.  (I'm thinking about having the other half of the half piece that I had)

When we got home...much later than planned, especially after going to Hobby Lobby and spending an hour at the GoodWill on a 15 minute hunt!  I knew we couldn't just go for 15 minutes.

SO, we got home and My Shug was outside and we heard them!!!  The Sandhill Cranes!!!!
Spring has definitely arrived.

And I started on my Non-Florida bag!  I think I am going to love it.
It'll be my summer fun bag! 
And the ducks...ok I fibbed about the ducks.  I didn't buy them.  Teehee!
I was just kiddin' ya!
Calm down Mom!!!
Do you remember when I did buy them?  Oh My gosh it was so funny.
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So, I was messaging with my girlfriend who went with me Saturday and I said to her,
"Thank you for being there for me and helping me through this.  And keeping me from saying mean things and hunting for non Florida trip souvenirs!!"
She replied,
"Yeah...blah blah...I have to get started on dishes and other chores. Have a good day!  It was kinda like I got to go to non Florida too!  I had a great trip!"

Blogettes...I was reading that in bed while Shug slept and I had to try to not shake the bed from laughing.  It was so funny.

 But now, on a serious note.  My friend...who was in ICU, is now in Indianapolis on a ventilator and dialysis.  I am sad for her.  Please, please, please keep her in your prayers.  Pray for strength and for the doctors to figure out what is wrong with her.  They can't figure it out.  She is fighting for her life.  I had a three hour cup of coffee with her a month ago, and today she is fighting for her life.  We never know.....

Cindy Bee


  1. Cindy, I just lost a nice comment I had written's on it's way to Mars by now...geezoo. I was so happy to see you. Your friend was nice to take our pictures. My daughter thought it was fun we saw each other, especially after I saw your car and said ," Let's go back to Horton's I know Cindy's there. " Like you said not enough time to visit . I am sorry your trip was canceled and I sure understand your disappointment. But you are a trooper and you and your friend made the most of your day out. How did you ever resist that coconut? LOL. One day we will have to meet for a coffee or lunch and visit. I am keeping your friend in my prayers, I hate reading about what is happening..hopefully the Drs. can get together and find out how to help her. You are in my prayers also dear friend. xoxo,Susie


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