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Friday, March 20, 2015

Sometimes I just need to get the sad out

I was sitting here watching "You've Got Mail." 
 I love romantic comedies.  L.O.V.E. them.
My favorite
 And I was crocheting.....
And I thought....
Today is the first day of Spring! It's the Spring Equinox!
It's the day eggs should stand on end....I tried it....didn't work.
Brooms are supposed to stand on their own.  I tried it.  Mine didn't.  
As a matter of fact, my broom handle is bent and I never noticed it before.  
And I just figures.

And I thought....I'm so glad it's spring.....
I hope spring goes better than winter....
but it sure hasn't started out that way.  
My eggs won't stand up.
My broom won't stand up.

I try to stay upbeat on this blog, and many times when I post anything bad/sad, I delete it, before too many see it.  
It's not a very popular thing to post negative stuff on a blog.
  But here's the deal folks. 

Sometimes I just need to get the sad out.

Here is a glimpse of my winter that I never told you about.
Six funeral viewings since November...
Yes SIX.  
One lady was 54.
Liver cancer.
People say they come in threes.  
They did....Twice.

And My Mother-in-law fell...a few weeks ago
she is 92.  
It set her back a lot.  
She is still living in a therapy place from the fall. 
While living in the therapy place, she decided she wants to move from the assisted living facility (the one she fell at),  to the one she moved from a year ago.
So, I got it all set up for her to move back.  
And she changed her mind.
So after giving her a couple of days to make sure, I canceled the move.
Then, she changed her mind again, and decided to move after all.
I RE-set it all up.
It take a lot of time and errands to set this stuff up.

These muffins.....are yummy. My Shug ate several of them today. (hmmm blurry picture.)
After he found out the trip was canceled.
Yup. I made them for a trip to Florida that I was to take.
We were leaving tomorrow. 
 I was packing last night, when I got a call.  
Stop packing,  trip is off.  
Lots of plans were made.  

Oh...and my Shug...who just went on afternoons three weeks ago. 
Got bumped back to days.
Yup, my Shug got bumped.
The end of this month he goes back on days.
Back to getting up at 4:30 in the morning....
going to bed at 8:30-9:00.
Back to dark circles under his eyes all the time.
And then, the straw...
you know the one.
It's the one that breaks the camel's back.
 I got a call late this afternoon.  
"Cindy, Did you know *a good friend*  is in ICU?  
I know now.  
She needs lots of prayers.
I cried.
I'm tired peeps.
Don't feel sorry for me.  I hate that.
I just need to vent.
To get the sad out.

So, I decided...
I'm starting my spring tomorrow. 
Spring is my favorite season...and I'm not starting it out this way.
It's going to be better than winter.
It's going to be better than today!

And for now...right now....
I started making a crocheted bag that I was going to make on my Florida trip.
It'll be a Cindy bag. 
 I'm not using a pattern.  
Phhbbbttt....I don't need no stinking pattern (I hope!)
I'm eating dark chocolate.
I'm drinking beach house wine.
 And I am going to count my blessings.
It's been a busy and fun week, amidst all the winter crap.
Tomorrow is another day.
I'll tell you all the good stuff that happened this week...another day.

In the meantime....
let's wish this beautiful young lady a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
My niece, Adrienne!
Born on the first day of Spring!
I hope it is as wonderful as she is.
And let me say...

Cindy Bee

PS.  Thank you Susie, for reminding me about Horton's.  I completely forgot.  I think I'll go.
And I think I'll buy me a boquet of tulips somewhere....
or maybe a pansy or two....
and maybe some ducks....
I'm celebrating Spring-tomorrow!


  1. There's a big difference between empathy and pity, and I can definitely empathise. Sending warm, sunny, spring hugs.
    Enjoy your first day of spring tomorrow, and Happy Birthday to Adrienne!

  2. I feel your pain. Sometimes you just don't know when these things will end. I had a good cry yesterday when I wrote up my blog post. It didn't set off as a sad post, but ended on a sad note.

  3. Thank you Jacque, for pointing out the difference. I appreciate it.

  4. Happy Birthday Adrienne!

    Now you my friend need a hug and I understand this a lot is going on here and I feel like I am drowning but you know what life is like that and we have to keep going do our best and cry if we want to (that is a song) I know things seem tough right now but it will go through another cycle of life and you will see good times. That is what life seems to be a roller coaster and sometimes it misses the stop for a bit but then you will see it slow then stop and you will get back on your wobbly legs, put a smile on and continue on your way. I am thinking of you nad sending you lots of hugs. xo B

  5. We've had the worst year ever...things can only get better!
    Jane x

  6. I am going to look for you Cindy girl. I know what you mean about the sad....some times I just have to cry it out. Then I will say a prayer and feel better. I am praying for your friend, I wish a quick recovery. Hugs to you, xoxo,Susie

  7. Cindy, I was so happy when I saw your little Fiat.. I told my daughter Let's go back in the store, I know that's Cindy's car. LOL. I hope you and your friend had a fun time. I know it was not as much fun as the trip would have been...but you did get out and about. My daughter and I went to the subway...too busy, so we went to DQ. She remembered meeting you about 2 years ago. Bless your heart honey. xoxo,Susie

  8. Cindy Bee, I send you big hugs from Tennessee! You have related some of the same experiences we have had here the past several months. No cancelled trips that had been planned, though. Chocolate and wine? Good anywhere.:-) xo

  9. Oh yes, pansies & ducks scream ( in a gentle sort of quacking way ) SPRING ! Plus, the sweet faces on pansies and the comedy of ducks will make you smile and maybe laugh in spite of yourself or your circumstances.

    It is always a wonder to me how life can dole out so much misery and so many trials & tribulations and then a silly duck or chicken can make me smile anyway.

    Bless you , you should leave this post up even if you feel it is not so upbeat. The picture of your beautiful niece alone is worth it ! ( Happy birthday to her.)

  10. Sorry for your troubles...

    First day of spring...harumph

    It snowed here all day.


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