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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Crochet & K!!

 Hi everyone! 
I haven't shared the last couple of weeks of crochet so here we go!  The most important thing first.
No, not this very groovy cake/pie carrier that I bought last fall at a store with booths of vintage stuff for sale.  It is very cool though don't you think?
"K" is cancer free for 11 years!!!
(clap clap clap clap clap....whistle whistle.....wooohooooo!!!)
So, she has mentioned that her favorite cake is a carrot cake.  I got my Martha Stewart cake book out again, and made "K" a celebratory carrot cake!!!

And here is a recap of "K"s mystery crochet a long.

This is a mystery cal from "crochet crowd."  I don't know much about it, except that I'm glad I didn't do it!!! 
Not that I don't like it.  I do.  It would require more thinking.....
and I'm already thinking too hard on how to sew this honeycomb bag together!
I finished weaving in all of the ends,
 and I can't figure out how to stitch it together!  So, tomorrow at crochet group I'm going to see if we can figure it out together.  I'll show you all the wonky-ness of it tomorrow.
This is also "K"s blanket.  (She is an over-achiever!)  Eventually it will fit a King sized bed.
Debbie had a little set back with her rug.  The fabric store ran out of the bright pink color and hasn't gotten any new in again.  Hopefully, soon.  We love the rug.
In the meantime, she started a blanket with yarn from Attic 24's blog.  "K" and I are jealous.
And I'm still working on this blanket.  This old one that I started a few years ago, then changed colors.  I still like it.  Granny's get boring after awhile, and I'm itching to start something new.  Trying hard not to though.

On a side note, Spring is on it's way....the temps finally broke....and I planted more hyacinths!
Cindy Bee


  1. Hi Cindy, Well I can not think of a better thing to celebrate. May I join in and ditto your happy words.
    "K" is cancer free for 11 years!!!
    (clap clap clap clap clap....whistle whistle.....wooohooooo!!!)
    Wish I were there to help eat that cake.
    Looks so good :)
    Have a lovely day and keep making those granny squares, it will soon be finished and you can move on to something new.
    God bless you,
    Connie :)

  2. Thank you for sharing the joy Connie! I can't think of another reason to celebrate either!

  3. Great news about "K"! Love the cake carrier; learned the chain stitch in 4th grade MANY years ago, but never learned about putting it in arrangements that would give such lovely results!

  4. Yeah K.! Happy for her. Love your honeycomb cannot wait to see it put together!

    1. Almost finished! I kind of wish it was bigger though. (sad face) I used a smaller weight yarn, and a smaller hook. I won't make another one though. Not anytime soon.

      Cindy Bee

  5. Hurrah for K, that's a great thing to celebrate!

    I think I shall stick with trying to learn how to make masks... crochet is beautiful and I love it, but would end up tying myself up in a knot!

  6. that is indeed an anniversary to share. Love all the crochet and knitting. I have my first knitting lesson tomorrow.

  7. Oh my, that first one is just AWESOME!!! Is she a genius in disguise???? Celebrating cancer free is always more than special!!!...:)JP

  8. Cindy, Glad to read of K 's good news. Loks like you are making some beautiful things. Blessings, xoxo,Susie


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