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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

German Market

Thanksgiving weekend my Shug and I decided to go to this German market I've seen advertised.  Actually, I might have decided for him, but he loved it!  It's about an hour from our house.  But first we had to stop at Cabela's.  I'm not a sports person, so I can take or leave Cabela's but they have a great animal display!

 Off to the market.  And before I go any further, let me say we have been SO FORTUNATE with the weather this year!  As of today, December 5, 2017, no snow!  You can see it was nice and sunny the day we went to the market.

 It was very nice.  Lots of booths with German items for sale. 

 They had a huge ice skating rink!  
We did not ice skate, but we enjoyed watching others do so.

 More shopping...

 I loved this clock!

The only disappointment was there were some German items made in China. 
When is this going to stop?
The only thing I bought that day was this Advent Calendar.  I wish I would have bought another one for next year.  I love them.

And yes, this was made in Germany!



  1. The German markets over here are the same, filled with cheaply made items. Only a couple of nice stalls.

  2. Cindy, Worse than German things made in about that Amish stuff(Shipshewana) made in China...I always said if I were Amish I would tar and feather the ones selling China stuff. LOL. Really?? Just as you said. I always think of the Amish as the earth people, working farms growing crops making quilts, providing for their own and selling to others for beer money. :) Well you know ! Not to offend any Amish, but yes, I know some stories. LOL. My daughter Kathy and Diana's daughter Mindy live in Carmel.Kathy and I were downtown there the weekend after thanksgiving. :) Blessings to you xoxo, Susie

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