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Friday, June 30, 2017

Happy 59th Birthday to meeeeee!!!!!

 Hey there! 
Well TODAY, I am 59 years old.
Which means, I am starting my 60th year of life, right? 
Here's my live a whole year, then you turn one.  So I've actually lived 59 years, hence 59 years old. 
Which means I'm starting on my 60th year. 
So, I'm living it up! 
It's the best excuse I could come up with!

SO, I planted a fairy garden (teehee - I'm living it up allright!)
 My Shug and I went to a garden stroll last Saturday and then we went to Patti Beck's garden party!  She's my ceramic artist friend that has very cool fairy garden stuff for sale, amongst other things, and I decided I'm putting out a fairy garden.
 As a matter of fact, I decided I'm working on one project a week.  My word of the year is FOCUS so I'm going to FOCUS on one project a week.  This week it was our annual July 4 party, which we are planning on having Saturday (tomorrow) July 1.

 So anyway, that was Wednesday evening, when I should have been cleaning house for the party.
Then Thursday morning, I went to crochet group.  And I have no idea what they are doing here....Poor K had just about had it with us I think~
 And Cheryl...well, according to K, Cheryl was just "THINKING TOO HARD!"
Dammit Cheryl!
 You see, K got us all instructions and yarn and made up little kits for us to make crochet water balloons.  (I'll show pics later) 
They're easy she says.
15 minutes to make she says.
Debbie was laughing so hard tea almost came out her nose, and I was laughing so hard my stomach hurt.  And I can't even remember what was so funny!
 Here we are...having fun!

 It was Debbie's birthday too (well, Wednesday was her birthday), So K brought us really cute cupcakes.  I forgot to take a picture of it before I ate it, but here's what it looked like when it was gone!  Yum....turtle cupcake!
 Then I came home and had a quick lunch with my Shug and met my friend, Marcia, at Starbucks.
And when I ordered they said it's buy one cold latte' get one free so you might as well get two, so I did!  Which I could not drink.  Way too much latte'.
 The card Marcia got me....

 Then I went and got my hairs cut!
 And decided I needed some REAL food (teehee)
 Come on, you know you want some!  Just look at that grease....mmmmmmm
 Then.....Yes this was all Thursday!!!!  Then.....I went to a Chata Chicks meeting.  And they had a cupcake for me.
 Here they are.  I was trying to take a pic of us all and this light beamed on my head.
 so we moved and took another one and it didn't turn out so great either....But here we are!
 I got home around 12:30 AM (I think it's AM-it was the next morning!  Not bad for a 59 year old right?  Staying out past midnight!)  and could not sleep because of a storm.  A BIG HUGE STORM!
Almost two inches of rain with lightening and thunder that I thought was going to strike inside our bedroom! 

So today, on my actual birthday, I got up and decided to fry some bacon.  And eat an entire bacon sandwich, not just two little strips!  And yes it's on paper plates because I'm not doing dishes today!

 And later on My Shug and I split the cupcake from the night before, and surprise!!!!!  It's red, white and blue!!!!
 So today, on my actual I am  heading to meet Mom and Dad and Vickie and Robert for a birthday dinner at Martino's, we had a gully-washer!  As a matter of fact, we got another 2 1/2 inches of rain this afternoon.  And when I got home, the pond/shooting range is flooded. 

I don't know what we are going to do...we have a big Independence Day (July 4) party planned for tomorrow....BIG...HUGE   people coming from out of town.

To be continued....
when we figure out what we're going to do!

Cindy Bee


  1. Happy birthday, I'm a couple years older than you, our age is the time for fun.

  2. Congratulations!!
    On birthdays and other celebrations, anything goes. I mean food and desserts.
    Very enjoyable, happy pictures!

  3. Happy, happy birthday, may I say you look a very young 59.

  4. Happy birthday! Mine was the 29th but I turned 65! Medicare! Looks like you had a ball on your special day! Hope the party turned out ok!

  5. Happy belated birthday. Hope you come up with a good plan.

  6. Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a great year ahead and many more great ones after that too of course!


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