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Sunday, July 2, 2017

Party Day!

 First of all, thank you for all of the lovely Birthday wishes.  I appreciate it and I will be visiting your blogs as soon as the party is over!

BUT...yesterday morning (Saturday-Party Day) we woke up to this....
 Still Flooded. 
So we had to change the party. 
At first we changed it to next Saturday, which was the planned rain date.  However, the sun came out and the flood started receding, and hopefully will not be a total mud bog today (Sunday) because we changed it to today, after looking at the weather forecast.  Oh my goodness bloggers and blogettes, the weather this week is 60% chance of rain every single day!  We have had rain forest type weather since April. 
And since we had the house all decked out and ready...which I am a little proud of....
 We made the best of Saturday and started getting ready for the party for Sunday.
 Sadly, some people can't attend, but we can't help the weather and they couldn't attend next weekend either.
 We did something we haven't done in ages!  We went to a local restaurant (if you want to call it that!) and got a tenderloin sandwich.  We split it!  And still had some left for a snack.  That is a regular sized bun by the way.
 We did some porch sitting.
 And we went to the Haynes-Apperson festival.  Our city is known as the "City of Firsts" because the first car was invented here.  So we celebrate it every year.
 The festival has a car show, live music.....anyone remember Grand Funk Railroad? 
Well, they were playing last night. 
"We're an American Band" is one of their biggest hits. 
Now you remember?

L.O.O.K.  A.T.  T.H.E.  C.R.O.W.D!
 hu uh
 They also have rides....
 and food.
 If I were still a kid, I would have went on a ride something like this!  And my Dad would have went with me, because Mom would have been sick after this!  I loved them.  I no longer love them. (sigh)
 Nor do I love crowds like this!!!
So, we walked through the festival, and went back to the car and waited...
 because we were there for the fireworks show!!!  And it was great!
Happy July 2nd!  Let's PARTY!!!!



  1. We come into your town, we'll party it down, we're an American Band. I'm not big on crowds either.

  2. Still love Grand Funk Railroad! Whenever I'm on my way home from an overnight trip, when I'm about 15 minutes away, I start in on "I'm getting closer to my home"! Good times! Hope you are having a wonderful party!

  3. Cindy, That looks like a great time. Did you get that sandwich from the corner pub? I remember people ordering out for lunch at work and they would be eating those big tenderloins. :) Your house is beautiful. Love the buntings on the porch rails. Blessings, xoxo,Susie
    p.s. I am going to try to go to Horton's on Friday to see Kris from Chicago....hope you can make it to..Not sure how long my feet will last. :)

  4. Your house is so beautiful!! How many square feet is it? Do you get to spend much time out on your porch or balconies?? I am finding we have to make ourselves take time to sit outin the courtyard! Nancy


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