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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Faux' Vacay!

 So, my friend Teresa is on Faux' Vacay this week! 
What is faux' vacay, you ask? 
First off, it's mostly for women although a few men would qualify. (not many!)
It's when you don't have to do your NORMAL job for the week
(such as your 8 hour a day job, or your part time job, or your babysitting job)
and you tell your family,
I am on faux' vacay this week! 

You HAVE to tell them SEVERAL TIMES!
Sometimes you have to tell them in color
 Of course, they stopped listening at the word I.

I'm warning you....
They won't get it if you only say it once.

You stress  points such as "I will not be grocery shopping, cooking your meals, doing your laundry." (or stopping to do any of the every day regular routine things that interrupt my day and makes it impossible for me to get a project done.)
OK you don't tell them all of that because you will have lost them after you say
I will not.....
You have to be strong here ladies.
If you don't stick to it, you will not get to take faux' vacay.

Which is why you have to stress this point several times the week before.

Yes, sometimes you have to say it LOUDLY! 

So I told her I was going on faux' vacay with her!
One time her and I went to faux' Florida!  We went to goodwill and filled up our carts within a 15 minute time frame of any Florida souvenir we could find. We met back up to see who got the most/best souvenirs.   It was our Spring Break Faux' Florida trip.
Hey, we do what we can.

On faux' vacay, if you want to share a pretty picture of banana bread, you don't bother with the pretty china dishes, because you are not going to wash them. 
The sink could pile up a little bit on faux' vacay.

 Look how dense this bread is.  We are on our fourth loaf!  NO NOT THIS WEEK.  Since I've discovered the recipe.  I always have a problem of the middle top not quite getting done.  I just cut that off. 

So here are MY/OUR faux' vacay plans.

Monday - we worked in my basement.

Tuesday - I don't know what all she did except that she did have to take her MIL places. 
It was her day.
Sometimes you don't get away from all duties.
I had an appointment for a tooth to get capped. 
Another story for another day. 
I keep falling apart and keep paying to put myself back together. 
I say, at least I can be fixed. 

Wednesday - today - we are working in her hoarder room.

Thursday - I have crochet and am supposed to be going with my parents and sister's fam out to eat BUT we are expecting storms.  That is also another story for another time but I will throw in here that we have had more tornado warnings this time of year than any I can ever remember.
We had four in one day just a couple of weeks ago.
OK ...back on track

Friday we are going shopping.
(hope there are no storm predictions)

Now, since I don't have an otherly job,
I have prepared a couple of meals ahead of time for my Shug.
But I also warned him I will be busy and or gone three out of five days.

Chicken salad for sandwiches
Banana Bread
Chicken pot pie
Hamburgers and fries tomorrow (I'll cook since I'll be home)
Eat out

So, I am going to give you a couple of sneak peak process pictures of Monday.

 The reason they are only sneak peak's is because the room isn't finished.
I need to clean that cabinet... 
I need to hang some stuff...
I need to paint some stuff....
But the "bones" are done. 
We have drug furniture out of the pole barn and basement storage and put things where they need to be.  Things I could not do on my own.  I can do the rest in bits and pieces. 
And that's the wonderful thing about faux' vacay. 
You help each other, get stuff done, and this one BIG HUGE looming job is now started and broken down into small bits than I can handle between dishes, laundry, dusting, grocery shopping.......

Try it!
Go on faux' vacay!
Oh one more thing....
I tried to sabotage faux' vacay but she was having none of it. 
I said, "let's get out of here and take a couple of days and head north."
She said, "no, I want to stick to my plan."
You must have a plan for faux' vacay.
Or you will waste your week.

OK - so I've talked enough.
You'd think I was drinking coffee instead of chamomile tea.
It's still night time and I wanted to go back to bed after the tea.

But before I go I thought I'd share the banana bread recipe.

This recipe came out of an old Bed and Breakfast cookbook, which are my favorites.  The recipes are always good because if you have a B&B, you bettah serve good food!
Now, before I show you the recipe I will say....

I change the sour cream to greek plain yogurt.
I throw in an extra banana, so I use three.
I throw in a scoop more of flour.
And I divide the dough into two pans.
I know....sorry
But you can use the recipe as is....

and I don't know if the B&B is still around.  This cookbook is probably 20 years old.

I will be posting when I can, and sharing more faux' vacay pics.

And I am SO EXCITED about our basement room. 
I'll share that with you too.
It is going to be CUTE!

Cindy Bee'


  1. I like the idea, but I'm not sure I'd last a whole week, I'd be fighting the urge to clean something or cook something.
    I like your faux trip to Florida.

    1. Well as I was leaving her house yesterday she mentioned finding something for the boys to eat! And I can't let the dishes go or leave without making the bed. The point is that we spend the day on the project at hand and don't HAVE to stop and finish at a later time!

  2. Cindy, Happy fantasy vacation. I love things like this...but for it to work for me..I'd have to send Ted on a real vacation. When he went on his fishing trip...I was going to have the best time...well I had a cold...the first in many years..bummer. My vacation was shot in the butt. I hope you enjoy yours. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

    1. Well it's not exactly a fantasy vacation, more of a fake vacation! If it were fantasy I'd be going somewhere with a beach! One time dave went on a trip to Canada fishing with buddies. I had an entire list of stuff I wanted to do. Just like you I got sick! What is it with us Susie? Maybe we secretly just didn't want to work the whole time they were playing!

  3. There's a saying: "Man plans and God laughs". You plan to go on a vacay, and what really happens is you get sick, or get storms.
    Nevertheless, I totally agree with you on the need to write down the plan and stick to it.
    Lovely faux vacay pictures!

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