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Friday, February 3, 2017

Five on Friday...A mix of fun stuff!

I'm connecting with Amy at Love Made My Home for Five on Friday.

I spent quite a bit of time at home this week. 

I did get some new 'Manager special' flowers this week at the grocery!  My Shug thought they were gorgeous, and they are.  They are very rich looking.  But....
they aren't my colors.  If you get Manager's special flowers, you can't be too picky. 
Now these are my colors.  Pinks
and blues!  And they smell wonderful!


I got my hairs cut!
(I know plural is hair, without the 's',  but you know how your friends/family sometimes have your own special language.  My sister and I say hairs!)


Proof!  For those of you who always say, "I can't tell you got it cut." and I always say, "she took of several inches!"  This time she took off about six inches!  I wanted my hair even with my bangs.   And...well....I was playing around on Pinterest....and found something I liked.

Trying to show the back and apparently I didn't get a very good picture of it.  But it's all the same length, with a tiny bit of a special cut on the bottom.  Not really layering.  Just funky scissors making a funky cut.  Anyway, I love it because it is actually a bit of a style, and it's fast to wash and dry.


My friend makes soaps, shaving creams...all kinds of skin care products, and I bought some heart soap off of her for Valentine's day.
Here's a link

 And I made this heart by following a pattern on My Rose Valley's blog, only I added random triple crochets (US) all the way around, when I was finished with Rose Valley's pattern, to make it big enough for a dish/wash cloth.  Does that make it MY pattern? 
And this was a fun little gift for crochet group ladies, who give gifts for every. single. occasion!  But they are always fun little useful gifts!  And it's fun!

And while we're talking about crochet group,  I thought I'd show you what we are up to.  This is Cheryl's blanket.  It's getting BIG!
Debbie started a pillow.
I was working on my beach bag.
 And Kay is making a vest!

And Susie, who is in my Purdue "Quitters" group, always pops in to say Hi to the crochet group.  She has an exercise class next door at the same time that we meet.  Well, I knew I wasn't going to be around to see her on her birthday, so I gave her a gift early.  Happy Birthday Susie!  Enjoy your tea.
My Dixie Doodle dog hardly ever barks.  So last night, when he started going crazy, barking and shaking...I looked out to see what he was barking at! 
See these two...they were trying to decide if it was safe to come on up, with all the barking going on. 
They must have felt pretty safe because they hung around for about an hour.
 I kept watching and there ended up being five in total, but I could never get a picture of them all together.  And keep in mind this was looking through windows.
They went to the side yard and it was hard to get any good pictures out our bedroom window, with screens, so I decided to very, very quietly sneak out of the basement door.  The plan was to walk up to the retaining wall and get some close up pictures! 

 I edited this picture so you could see him, I did not get this close!  They have super-sonic hearing because I was really, really quiet!
Aren't they SO CUTE?

I've been in a crafty mood this week, but I haven't had time for anything big.  So last night when I stumbled on a Daphne's Diary podcast (is that what they're called) on my computer, I had to dig out my old issues and play around a bit while I was downloading pictures to my computer.

I've been making these birds for a couple of months now.

See the bird cut out punch, and the bird cut outs? 
I take junk mail and use the bird punch on it.  I didn't know what I was going to do with them, but I knew I liked them.  After watching the podcasts, there are all kinds of fun things I can do with them.  Here's a little sample.....
Junk mail.

Cute Daphne's Diary planner....

And this isn't something that takes hours.  I keep the punch on the desk by the mail slot.

One of my favorite mags.  It's expensive but only comes out every other month.

Bonus picture!  Too cute not to show...
Quick nap before going to work.
Dixie looks uncomfortable but he kept putting his head on his arm like that and fell asleep.
Too cute!
Have a great weekend everyone!
And don't forget to go to Amy's blog to check out other bloggers joining in for Five on Friday!



  1. Hi Cindy, What a fun post and so much going on. You sure stay busy . . . that little heart is so pretty. If I lived closer I think that I would ask you to teach be to crochet. I know a little, but not much. Love the hair cut . . . isn't it easier to manage when it's just at the shoulders? I like long hair, but that as long as I really want mine anymore, too. It must be glorious living so close to a woods. When I was a kid I spent most of my time playing in the Indiana woods around our home. Now I live in a desert and farming area, so trees are a treasure here.
    It's snowing like crazy out my window and I just feel like Spring hasn't got a chance. What a winter we are having!
    keep Smiling.
    Connie :)

  2. Too funny, my sister says hairs, too. Your cut looks nice! You had lots to keep you smiling this week. I like the colors of your beach bag. You are one industrious lady! I'm more fond of pinks and lavenders and blues in flowers although I really like daffodils. Hope you have a good weekend.

  3. Like you I prefer, pinks, blues and lavender colours in flowers but occasionally I love a pure white or bright red or yellow. Your hair(s) look lovely, I bet you are pleased with the cut:)

  4. Good five and boy howdy, that's the best use for junk mail I've ever seen.

  5. That is a great way to recycle your junk mail. You are always so busy! The bag is looking great and I want to live close to you so I can join the crochet group. Good pic of your hubs and pup!

  6. Your haircut looks great! Isn't it amazing how a hair cut perks up the spirits? What fun to watch the deer. They are skittish creatures. I like the birds you've punched and the way you're using them. Have a good weekend.

  7. Love your bird cut outs, so many ways to use them,

  8. Such fun photos! I love Daphne's Diary too and share them with my Mom and Aunt (more bang for the buck- Lol). Such creative Friends. ;)

    And your haircut is adorable!! Have a lovely weekend. xoxo

  9. Love the flowers, love your hair, love your creation, love the deer, but most of all, I love your soup. I altered it slightly so I could cook it on the stove. Posting it on my blog tomorrow, Sunday (which will cycle on Monday).

  10. What a really lovely five! Your haircut looks really great on you! Love your pretty crafting too and the photo of the deer is wonderful!

  11. Love your cute little birds! I must say we all should use the expression getting our hairs cut!! You new "do" looks good!
    Wren x

    1. Wandering Wren,
      I have tried leaving a comment on your blog several times, without success. I think it has something to do with Google Plus, and me not being a Google Plus member or something. I don't know exactly.


  12. Cindy, Great photos. Love that blanket. I have a butterfly punch and I use magazine pages. Suge looks peaceful with the doggie. Blessings, xoxo, Susie


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