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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Five on Friday - A Spring kind of post!

This past week has been unexpectedly busy, so I didn't get to visit your blogs like I planned.
I'll try to do better!  I miss you all, and wonder what's going on in your lives.

It's been kind of spring-like here!


I paid a little visit to Coral Belle this week.  
She got her new stickers, so she's happy. 
(shhhh, don't tell her she doesn't really  go to these places)


K made a peep bunny! 
  And she's working on her vest.
 Cheryl's blanket is getting big!
 Debbie started her new cupcake blanket.  (yarn from Attic 24 website)  I forgot to tell you we all ordered yarn from Attic 24's website. 
'Twas so exciting (for us, but not for the person that ordered it!)

I started a granny square bag while I was in Florida. 
I'm still working on it.

  Signs of spring

Our flowing well is going full blast!
 and green plant growth coming through the ground around it.

4 - BEES
My bees have been out.   It's not usually this warm until the end of March or first of April.  60F is around 15.55 C for those blogettes not from our area.  When it's this warm for a very long length of time, the queen bee will start laying eggs like it's summer time.  Then if we have a cold spell, the worker bees try keep the brood warm, and it seems they all end up freezing to death.  Spread too thin. It happened to four of my hives last year.  So my fingers are crossed the weather just stays this warm from here on out, until Summer.

More insects.  We keep finding big black ants in our house.  UGH!

5)  A HUGE BIG SIGN of Spring!!!

As I was typing this, My Shug called me on my phone and said, "hurry, go outside and look above the pond!"  I knew what he was talking about because I was telling him that everyone keeps seeing the Sandhill Cranes but me!!!  Well guess what folks!!!!

Could it be that spring has sprung?
In February???

I'm joining Amy's Five on Friday gathering. 
Pop over and say Hi to other bloggers.
I wonder if they are having spring weather too!

Have a happy, sunshine-y kind of day!



  1. Lovely to see all the crochet projects. The weather in so many areas seems to be back and forth and even a bit crazy and scary for some. I hope your bees survive. Take care and have a super Sunday!

  2. This is such a difficult time, we so want the warmer spring weather, but for us here in UK, it's really to early. We are having a dry warn sunny weekend, which is lovely and makes us want to sow seeds, but March can bring full on winter back to us, often if we get snow it is in March. But it is lovely to see signs of new growth.

  3. Good signs of spring, hope your bees make it through and that you have no more bad weather.

  4. Lovely projects on the go - and hopefully the bees survive - it's a bit early here to see them out yet - my neighbour keeps bees, but we've had a very cold patch - as a result we're on field mouse catching duty at the moment - they're so tiny, but they can cause such damage and are really indignant at being put back outside when hubby eventually does catch them.

  5. Something goofy is going on with the weather this year. We had two very light snows and our coming week is going to be in the 70's all week here in Southwest Missouri. Weird.

  6. Hi Cindy, I do hope that your bee's don't start too early . . . that is like all the apple orchards here in Washington . . . if Spring comes too early and then gets cold again, it can put a huge dent in their lively-hood. I know that you don't live off your honey, but just the same you don't want to loose any bees. Sending good wishes.

  7. Cindy, Love the pictures. Oh crap ants...I hate those darn things. I pray I like the stickers of place Coral Bell wants to go. LOL. Blessings, xoxo, Susie your bees will be okay...I am worried about things blooming to soon. I have the lilies coming up and irises.

  8. Cindy, I am going to try another comment...what the heck...look at how that was written..or how it came across. I hope the bees will be fine. I hate ants. I loved the pictures. If this doesn't look right once I click...sorry honey. xoxo, Susie

  9. Enjoyed your post and found so many interesting facts and ideas. great post.

  10. Five great things, I do hope Spring is on the way and that your bees will be ok. The crochet pieces are all lovely:)

  11. I enjoyed reading about your five things in this post Cindy. Lots of lovely crochet and happy signs of spring! I hope all goes well for your bees this year x
    Have a great week.
    Helen xox


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