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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Indie Vintage Flea Market

Last Sunday, My cousin Vickie and I went to the Indie Vintage Flea Market.
I love globes, do you?  If I had a place to put one, I'd buy one.
I also love growing grass in pots.  I do it every year for Easter decorations, IF Easter is in March when it's still cold and yucky outside.  It's refreshing to see the green grass.  Here's a tip...grow wheat or rye instead.  It's thicker and greener.  And it doesn't matter because you don't usually let it get any taller than this picture anyway.
I love going to events like this because I get so inspired.
This flea market is in a rather large room at the Ritz Charles hotel in Carmel, IN.  It's an L shaped room and vendors were all along the outside wall, and back to back on the inside of the room as well.

They had everything from clothes, jewelry, furniture, and all kinds of inspirational vintage type stuff.

Vickie decided against this shirt.

This is a heavy planter you would hang on the wall...probably outside.  I liked it, but didn't buy it.  Vickie's job that day was to talk me out of buying stuff.

Oh, they even had live music!
Vickie didn't do a good job, doing her "job"!  I've been looking for a little red truck for my Christmas tree woods for years.  My sister gave me a tiny one this year, but it was a bit small.  This picture makes this truck look big, but it isn't.  It's really just the right size.

And Vickie said I should get it. 
I said I might not have a woods next year. 
Get it just in case, she says.
It's not old.  It was made in China.  But the price wasn't bad.
 And we looked at clothes.....and the lady that makes these clothes kept coming down on the price for us.  We just stood there not saying a word, and she came down twice...SOLD!
 I don't have a picture of Vickie's shirt/dress.  It was a Purdue themed outfit.  These are clothes she has bought at Goodwill (or other charity shops or garage sales) and put them together to make one shirt/dress.    They're kind of fun and different.  I like fun and different.
 And speaking of fun and different.  Vickie talked me into buying this hat too!  (teehee) Well she did!  She even looked at every single hat in the booth, had me try on about 20,  and decided I needed red!  Okaaaaaayyyy......
Shug doesn't care for it.

It was a fun, winter, Sunday thing to do.  I have to tell you though, she had a rough time getting home.  I wish she would have turned around and came back.  Ever since her and I have been of driving age, waaaaaaay before cell phones, we would call each other to let each other know we made it home ok.  (sometimes when we didn't want to pay a long distance phone call, we would call and let it ring once.  That was our signal that we were home ok!)  We lived about 45 minutes away then, now about half an hour.  Well, I kept waiting and waiting for her call.  I told My Shug it's about time she called.  And just when I was getting ready to text her, she called.  It started snowing so bad on her way home she couldn't see a thing.  Not even a place to pull over.  I've driven in that kind of a storm one time.  Everyone had their blinkers on while driving in the white out conditions, so we could at least see the car in front of us.  It is AWFUL to drive in.  And this peeps is why I do not like the snow.   She made it home safely though.

And lastly, thank you for the prayers in my last post.  I don't know if you read the comments, but my nephew's surgery went well.  We are waiting on MRI results for my niece but they think she might be having complicated migraines, and my SIL did the best she could on her interview.  That's all you can do!  Now we wait.

Have a great day! 
It's FEBRUARY!!!! 
Heart month!
One month closer to spring!!!!!



  1. Scary driving in snow, hated it when we lived in Colorado. Sounds like your family is doing ok. And I love globes, bought one from the 1920's and lots of countries had different names. It's small.

  2. Cindy, Thanks for showing all those goodies. I love places like that. Love your tops. My tummy was hurting as I read about your friend getting home...dang I hate driving when I can not see. It's as if I am claustrophobic. I feel hot and panicy. It will soon be spring and I think even in this mild winter....I am ready. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  3. Cindy this is just the post I needed to help me through my cabin fever. It has been so cold here this year. I go around chilled to the bone with layers and layers of clothes on, turning the heat up and then back down all the time. Our electric bill last month was a big one :( This vintage fair looks like so much fun. I'm glad that you are not letting the winter stop you from getting out and enjoying life.
    Have a wonderful weekend, God bless.
    Connie :)

  4. It was scary driving and there was no talking her out of hat, she loves hats and I truly think it was a good fit


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