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Monday, August 22, 2016

Saugatuck Day One

A couple of weeks ago my Shug and I took a couple of days and went to Saugatuck, Michigan.  It's not that far, a couple of hours away, and we used to go there quite a lot, before house building.
It's a quaint little town

with shopping, eating, wine tasting, and relaxing.
The stores are mostly boutique type stores. (I've made a lot of these!)
 And most stores had a place for a Shug to sit and wait!

It's very garden-y too! 

This is one way to grow herbs if you don't have any yard! 

 There are quite a few places to eat,
and some of them are right on the water. 

Local coffee shop, with the best coffee and latte's EVER!

It's a very dog friendly town too.  Dogs are not allowed inside the coffee shop, but they do have treats for them while you sit outside and enjoy your coffee.  We also noticed a lot of the restaurants that have outdoor eating, had bowls of water outside for your fur-babies!
I thought the burlap coffee bag for a bench seat cushion was cute.
And who doesn't love red! 
OK so here's the thing I used to tell my 'older' friend.  I used to not like red, at all.  And I told her I noticed that old people like red, and they like petunias!  I was probably in my 30s at the time I said that.  Well, guess what...I like red...and petunias!
And there is one thing I have discovered about us, and vacations, or even little get aways.  We need a place to stay, before we go.  If we don't have one, we spend too much time trying to find one.  It was during the week and we knew the town was full of Bed and Breakfasts, Inn's, and a couple of hotels.  We figured it wouldn't be difficult to find a place to stay.
 But when we first arrived in town, there wasn't even a place to park.  This is one of those towns that you just park the car and walk everywhere.  And we checked a couple of places to stay that the sign said, "vacancy", but there wasn't any rooms available.
So we stayed at the place we have stayed at on most previous visits.  I've stayed at a few other places in Saugatuck, but I enjoy this place and here is why.  Even though our room was right there on this end, at the top, facing the street.....

This hotel sits right on the water.  Saugatuck is a harbor town.
And when you walk through the entryway of this hotel...
this is what you see.  Water everywhere.  I mean it sits RIGHT ON the water.  There are rooms that only have the dock between the water and the room.  They also have this screened in room with plenty of places to sit and relax, for their guests.
Plus they have this pool area. 

This was from the balcony area of our room.  Now let me be clear though, our particular room did not have a balcony.  But you walked down a balcony area, so that you could go sit in the outdoor sitting area, which I did not get a picture of, unfortunately.  We sat for as long as we could before the mosquitoes started to carry us off!
The next day we left Saugatuck for some more harbor towns, which I will share with you in the next post.
Cindy Bee


  1. It's a beautiful town - love all the photos! Looks like a perfect weekend get-away - nice restaurants, cute shops, and right on the water! I would not want to leave the ice-cream and bakery shop, though. Yum! xx Karen

  2. Cindy, I'll have to get my daughter to take me there some time. I like little town like that. Hope all is well there. Blessings, xoxo, Susie


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