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Friday, August 19, 2016

My exciting week.

You say tomato, I say tah-mah-toe! 
 I'm sitting here listening to lids pop on canning jars full of tomato juice.  I'm hoping for 14 pops.
 The only vegetable we planted this year was tomatoes. 
Baby steps.
If we do well with them, then we'll move on to something else...perhaps green peppers....or onions...or kohlrabi (kidding!)  We used to have a huge back yard FULL of veggies, herbs and flowers and it got to be too much work.  This was when we had a double lot in town.  Now, we have tomatoes...
Did you know that you can just clean them, quarter them, and freeze them?  No blanching required.  You can use them in soups, stews, and sauces this way. 
So last weekend we had this batch of tomatoes 
 that I froze.
 And today we had this many more and with my Shug's help, we made juice.  And believe it or not, I enjoy this kind of thing.  Not the process, but the end result.

And I went back to the cabin three days this week, for three to four hours each day, and wove (is it a word? weaved?) three or four bags. I lost track.  But I'm enjoying it.   Of course, they will need sewn and lined.  We are using up the end of the warp on all three looms.  I think we are almost finished.

 It amazes me how you can take a material and it looks completely different on a weaving loom with the warp threads running through it.
 This was red and green with a little bit of blue and cream plaid wool.
 Here is a picture (above) of the material and (below) what it looks like after it's been woven.
 You can see in this picture how the woven rugs get wound up on the loom.
 And I've decided I'm going to start another crochet blanket.  We commented in crochet group that we are tuning into "those ladies" who have afghans all over the place.  Well so what!  We enjoy our little group.  And I need something mindless to work on while I'm there visiting.  Otherwise I'm going to have a house full of crocheted coasters!
The best part of this afghan is that I went through my stash of cascade 220 and pulled out colors to match these covered chair cushions that I made.
 I am actually going to make something that matches what I have in my living room and it's reducing my stash! 
My exciting week....

Cindy Bee

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  1. Yes, it was always exciting for me to hear all those jars pop after being canned! You weave! I was looking at your other blog too of your house. Wow! You have a lot of furniture to decide where to place! Nancy


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