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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Last week in review!

Grocery list
instant mashed potatoes
ramen noodles
bread (for toast)
I keep this stuff on hand at all times.  Why?  Stomach flu.  It came in handy this week.  I had it.  Ugh.  I told a couple of people that I thought it was too early but apparently the stomach flu doesn't keep track of the seasons like we do.  So my advice to you.  Keep "flu food" on hand at all times.  Then when you don't know whether to stand over the toilet or sit on it, you don't have to go to the store to buy "flu food."
 Last weekend Theresa, Vickie and I went to downtown Indianapolis, to the Rathskeller, which is a German Restaurant, Bar, and Beer Garden.

 We went to the outdoor beer garden to hear the Polka Boys.  We've heard them before and they are a lot of fun.
 Oh...My...Gosh!  It was SOOO crowded.  It has a large beer garden and this is how crowded the whole place was that evening!  And yep, we stayed. 
 And you'da been proud of me.  I said nary a word when we went into Broadripple
to get cookies that cost $1.85 each!
 I even bought a get six or eight cookies in a box for I think $8.00 or $9.00.....What the H?

 Vickie and I spent the night with Theresa since her husband was gone on a business trip. And these two would not leave me alone.  Them being still is a rare moment.  And that one on the floor is HUGE!

The next day we went to Hortons fall market in Tipton, IN.
I did not see Suzy there this time. (She Junks blog)
She always goes there and then I see on her blog all the cool stuff she bought!
Here are a couple of pictures from Hortons.  I want to hang some ball jars like this in my campsite area.
 I think this would be fun hanging in a kitchen or right outside a kitchen door, if you had the right spot for it.

 I want one of these chandeliers for my campsite too.  Only I want to put candles on it.
 This gives you an idea of what the place looks like.  Very fun.  Plus on their open house days they have a lot of vendors.
 Fun, huge, clock
 That was it for the weekend.  

Important Message!
I went to town on Tuesday after making several phone calls on Monday.  There are a couple of things I want to share with you.  We are working on my MIL's estate.  She was sick for a few months before her death and most of the bills we are receiving on the estate are medical.  A couple of weeks ago I sat down and took the medical bills and matched them with the Explanation of Benefits (E.O.B's).    She had Medicare, of course, but she also had insurance A (from her husband's employer) and Insurance B (from her employer).  I found that some places did not, or will not, mail medical bills to the third insurance.  They will instead mail the bill to you for payment!  I told my parents about this because they to have this same situation and my Mom said she found the same thing out a couple of weeks ago.  She said she had a huge balance on one of her Dr. bills and found out they did not send it in to the last insurance company.  So I made several phone calls to try to get this situation straightened out.  One of the companies will not send it to the third, so I am. I'm just letting you know so if you have the same situation to watch very carefully before paying medical bills.

Another situation is she had an ambulance ride across the parking lot to the tune of $490.00!!! Across the parking lot and I am not kidding! You can bet I am working on that bill!  And that is the reason I went to the hospital on Tuesday, to get the Dr.'s signed form of why she had to take an ambulance across the parking lot.  It appears he felt it was necessary.  And that is probably where I ended up getting the flu.....

Unless it was the Goodwill!  Which is where I went on the way home.  On a whim!
 See that stack of material?  It's not really material, it's pjs...which is perfect for Christmas material.  I remembered being inspired by some of the cute Christmas stuff on Helen Philipps blog last year.  I got some of this "material" in hopes of making some fun Christmas stuff.

 I also got this giant Brown Bag cookie mold!
 The little Christmas teacup and who doesn't love cake, or cupcake?, stands!
 And in celebration of fall, I got this table runner out. I got it at my friend Leslie's auction.  She moved to Florida a few weeks ago.  I miss her terribly.  Well, I looked on the back of the table runner....
and it was signed!!!!  By several of my Granny Bee friends.  Including Beth.  THE Granny Bee.
As you know she passed away in the spring.  This is why it's important to sign your work.
 Except for work like not sign this!!!!  It was supposed to be a hat.  I don't know what happened.  Watching a movie... texting my crochet friends (I missed them this week since I was ill).... not paying attention....
 I might just turn it into a bag!!!!
 Well peeps, that was my was yours?
 Cindy Bee

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  1. Hope you're feeling much better now, Cindy! You certainly had a busy week ... the hat made me laugh; the stomach flu and medical bills (they are ridiculous over here!) not so much.


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