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Thursday, October 8, 2015

I know what I heard!

 So, the other night, around 3:00ish in the morning, I heard a noise.  It sounded like a plastic baggie.  I know, weird.  And this is where we were sleeping.
 And you can see in this picture below, the window where I heard the noise coming from, which is right, and I mean RIGHT BY a tree! I visualized an animal coming down that tree and trying to get in our window! I shined a flashlight towards the window and the noise stopped.
The second time I heard it, I turned on the light and went to the window.   Nothing.
The Third time I heard it I quickly turned on the light and got to the window.  Nothing.
And My Shug, in his not so nice to be woke up voice said, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?"
 I said, "I heard a noise."
"Well go to sleep, it's nothing."
"It is too something. I heard it.  It's coming from that window."
"It'll be ok, just go to sleep."
"I cannot sleep with that noise...."
The next day he says, "I know what you heard, it was nuts falling from the tree and rolling on the roof."
IN MY HEAD I said, "I know what I head and it was NOT nuts rolling on the roof." Out loud I said nothing.
(see the tree and the window)

When we set down for breakfast on the porch today I said...."What happened here?"
"I don't know it was like that," he says.
"THAT is the bag-type noise I heard the other night at 3:00ish in the morning!"

 The table is right under the window. Peeps we have a mouse in the cabin!!!!  EEK! I probably scared it off when I got up and went to the window with the flashlight!  How am I going to sleep tonight!

Oh and P.S.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHUG!  Sorry I kept you awake!

Cindy Bee


  1. Read a book,drink a lot of coffee tomorrow. Make sure all there are no blankets dragging on the floor. Just a couple of things I have done when there was a mouse in the close proximity of my bed.

    1. Thanks Brenda! I figure it's probably living in the underside of our mattress!!!!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the Shug. Cindy you have good ears:):) HUGS B

  3. I heard a noise like that out in my art barn the other day and when I had Steve come over to listen, there was nothing. I do not have food out there, but I am going to set a mouse trap away. Especially after reading this. They do look for warm places to nest in the fall and winter. Not my Barn!!! I'll let you know if I catch one.

  4. Eek ... I wouldn't like that! Happy birthday Shug!

  5. Cindy, That would creep me out too. I can't stand the thought of a mouse, spider or bug in my house....It makes me crazy. Happy birthday to your Shug...Men never get enough rest do they? Blessings to you, xoxo,Susie
    p.s. you have to see the pumpkins on my post today

  6. Oh, how funny! Sounds like me and I hate mice....and snakes!! Thanks for visiting my blog! Nancy

  7. Oh, how funny! Sounds like me and I hate mice....and snakes!! Thanks for visiting my blog! Nancy


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