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Sunday, June 7, 2015

The first week of May

May was one of those months that had so many events in it, I decided the only way to get through it was to do only what was necessary.  Take one week at a time, and prepare for the event that was going on during that week.  I barely had time to breathe, let alone blog. 
 I blogged Mom's 80th birthday celebration, which was the beginning of the month, and I blogged the end of the month, with the passing of my Mother in Law.  But there was a whole lotta in between stuff that happened.  Sometimes when I would wake up in the middle of the night, I would get out my phone and read some of your blogs.  Today, I had some time....and I decided to blog, but I didn't know where to start.  I had a couple of other posts ready, but didn't like them much.
 So I got out my calendar and decided to start at the beginning of the month, and work my way through to the end.  June is here....and it's going to get busy too, but hopefully, a lot happier.

Starting with Friday, May 1st, which happens to be" First Friday" in downtown Kokomo, and the last Friday ever that Beth's studio would be open.  We spent a lot of time in her studio over the last year,  and I went almost every "First Friday" and hung out there.
During May's  first Friday, my friend Debbie and I went.
(this is Debbie at my house.  She came over to learn how to make a flower, and sew a lining in a bag she made for her Granddaughter.)
We decided to go shopping for a little bit at this new store downtown called "The Jitterbug" and they sell fun, funky, vintage kind of houseware type stuff.  
 Well...when we were there we saw Frank Sinatra!  And funny thing, when my friend, Teresa, and I were in Vegas, we were wondering if he was still alive.  Well he was, or is, because he was in The Jitterbug singing Frank Sinatra music.
A very bittersweet evening, since we knew it would be the last time in Beth's studio, but fun times downtown.

The next day our family went to Ty's first Birthday party.  
Ty is my Great Nephew.
 He was a little fussy.
 My sis in law and I decided to have a brewski.
 Andrew (my nephew) and Duke (my brother/Andrew's Dad)
 The birthday boy with is ma and pa.  My niece and her husband.
 A selfie with my sister and niece.

Mom with her Granddaughter and Great - Grandson!

Dylan, the birthday boy's sister! (my great niece)

It just happened to be the day of the Kentucky Derby so we had a little bit of betting going on.  
And our family won!  American Pharoah!!!  
The Winner Circle!
(Cindy, Taylor, Theresa, Lorri, Tom - Taylor put her name down after I snapped the chart. Bets were only $1.00 and we had to split it, so I think we all got 6 or 7 dollars.)

Monday of that week some of us met at Red Lobster for my cousin Vickie's birthday,
Next was
which I already posted about.  Just click on 
Mom's 80th birthday celebration (two lines up) if you want to read about it!
And of course, the next day was Mother's Day.
But we had a lot of partying that week, especially the night before, so I just had Mom over for simple sandwiches, fruit, veggies, and dessert.
 Strawberry shortcake!  Tis the season.
 The bag came from The Jitterbug store.  
That ended that week, except I want to show you....I did take time to smell the lilacs!
No, we don't have money growing on trees.  We gave Mom a money, lilac bouquet for her birthday!
 And yes I really did take time to smell the Lilacs.
 After celebrating Mother's Day with Mom, we went to see Dave's Mom.  At that time she was okay.  Not great, but in rehab complaining about her lousy dinner! (it was lousy - hot dogs and crusty baked beans) so we knew she was feeling okay.  And she did like the hand warmers I made for her!  Fastest pair of hand warmers I ever made! 
 Her hands were always cold, even after the stroke.  So we put them on her after the stroke.
 Oh, and during that week, I did get a swarm of bees, so now I'm up to three hives.
Yes May was a busy month....this was only the first week.....

Coming up.....
a bridal shower, AND
a bachelorette party! 

Cindy Bee

PS - Click here to see our finished breezeway!


  1. Cindy, you are one busy girl . . . when do you find time to work on your house? I love that you have so much family and that you are all so close . . . I have one sister and we are as different as night and day . . . I long for a close relationship with her, but it seems impossible. Then both of my remaining brothers live far away. They are both down to earth and I love them dearly, just don't see them often. Your family is very special:)

  2. Busy gal!! Love your pics especially the birthday pic so cute. Hugs cheri

  3. Such a beautiful family. And I love lilac too!x

  4. Sister - Tell Debbie I need a cute little bag like she made to carry my wine in :) And my tooth looks weird in that picture of the 3 of us.
    Connie - My sister and I are pretty different. For example, I don't understand people who live in the country, Not a crafty bone in my body,expect maybe my pinky finger, I buy my desserts (which Cindy doesn't understand), you get the idea!


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