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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Ashley's Bridal Shower - The 2nd week of May

The 2nd week of May was full of appointments (fireplace inspector, perm, Plan of Care mtg for MIL).  But I also had a wedding shower, at our house, in our unfinished room, to plan.  It was supposed to be in the neighbor's outdoor pavilion but the weather was the same as it is today.  Windy, cloudy, threatening rain.  And Connie , what I did was crossed off Friday, Saturday, and Sunday on my calendar way ahead of time.  Big X's on those days.  Nothing, absolutely NOTHING going to be done on those days but work on house and stuff for the bridal shower.  
And most of the time, My Shug does the house building work and I do everything else.  He says I'm his secretary.   I do all of the phone calls, scheduling, cleaning, cooking, laundering, errands, etc.  I do it all so he can have time to work, and build.  And I help him when he needs me to help him.
(and did I mention the drywall guys are upstairs!!!  SO EXCITED!  It's looking like a house!)
(and also, Connie, my sister replied to your comment in my last post)

So, Ashley's sister and I were putting the shower on for Ashley Bashley, as I so lovingly have called her all of these years.  Sometimes it's just Bash, for short!   And since my niece is in the wedding, my sis made her help.

She was not happy to help.
 Especially when I insisted on making these adorable fish cupcakes that a friend of mine had made.  Sorry...had to have them.  Ashley Bashley is getting married in St. Thomas, and I felt that a beach theme was perfect for the occasion. 
Hence, fish cupcakes!  Aren't they adorbs!
And my sister found these sand dollar cookie on pinterest or something.  They required putting the cookie dough in the oven, waiting until it started to melt (soften/spread/whatever) then pick out UNbroken almond slivers and put each one on the cookie then sprinkle with cinnamon.  Again, Taylor was not amused.
I had done decorative type creative stuff (below) throughout the week during my free time.
This is Ashley and Eric's wedding invite.  I put a glass cylinder and a candle inside the glass vase.
I got the idea below off of Pinterest....

and liked it so much I'm using it for decoration in our room.

This idea was just something I dug out of our back room, which has boxes and boxes of stuff in storage.

 So, we had the shower in our upstairs unfinished Grand Banquet Hall (aka dining room!)
We skewered fruit, here-to-fore known as kabobs, and stuck umbrellas in a few of them, to give them a tropical feel.

I did go to crochet group that week.  And we made flip flop dish cloths.  Perfect for a bride getting married on an island don't you think?
Everything is ready to Taylor unhappy again?  Could it be she had to spend two days in a row with her Mom and Aunt instead of her friends? 
So, my Sister had this idea.....
"Have you seen the movie Bridesmaids, Cindy?"
"Well, watch it.  Because I have an idea.  Let's drive everyone up to your porch, and they can get something to drink, then go inside for the shower.  Just like in the movie when they ride a horse up to the house for the shower.  Watch the movie."
OK so Saturday night I watched the movie.  
I respectfully asked my sister to stay off of Pinterest, and to quit watching movies!
So we put the drinks on the porch.
My Shug was supposed to be the driver, but after the first two people declined I think he got a complex, because he told me to drive and he would direct traffic.

So I drove.
 And right after dropping Aunt Betty and Aunt Nancy off, they decided they needed to go to the restroom.  Which is downstairs in our room.  We do not have one installed on the main level.  So, back in the cart they go.  And I said, "please only one other person at a time,"
but Aunt Betty insisted on getting in the cart too.  I was afraid she was going to get flung off of the cart when we turned a corner.  It's only seated for two.  
We went around the corner and she raises her hand and says, "HIIIII DAAAAVE!"
I said, "Aunt Betty HANG ON!"
In the movie Bridesmaids, everyone was young, riding horses, didn't need to go downstairs to potty......whatev...I have to admit it was fun.
(selfie of me and sis)
 We played games.  Only two.  Good thing because Aunt Betty declared no one likes playing games!  LOL!  She also told me she really didn't have to go potty.  I think she just liked riding on the cart.

 we ate,

(brides Mother,  left of pic.)
 and Ashley, the bride, opened her gifts!
 It was a fun day.

Cindy Bee


  1. Oh it certainly looks like it was a wonderful day. Well done love the little touches and the smiles. Hug B

  2. Cindy, You are so darn think of so many fun things..I want to be adopted by your fun family.LOL Love those dish cloths. You crack me up girl. Blessings to all, xoxo,Susie

  3. Your parties are always great!! You know I always use some of your ideas for my parties. Currently I am planning to book event location rentals for my daughter’s birthday party. I would like to use some of your ideas for her birthday party too!


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