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Monday, May 11, 2015

Happy 80th Birthday Mom!

Friday was Mom's 80th birthday.  She is the youngest 80 year old lady I know!
And on Saturday...we celebrated!
Yes I took this picture Saturday, and no she has never had plastic surgery!  I think her and Dad keep each other us kids drag them along on a lot of adventures!
 Here we all are eating dinner at Pizzology in Indianapolis.  YUMMO!
 then we headed to The Pickled Pedaler...
 Lorri gave everyone red noses, but we didn't all wear them.  Too bad we didn't know it was the cool thing to do until three days after we got them.  Darn!  We would have done a family photo.

 I volunteered to be bartender.  It was my first time bartending!  I think I could do better now that I've had some my sister ordered beer in a cup!
 These three, Theresa, Mom, Dad, didn't have to pedal.  They were in the Queen's court!  I didn't have to pedal because I was bartending, which did require standing quite a bit.

  But the rest of the gang, pedaled their skinny legs off!!!

Joey & Adrienne
 Me & Dave
 Lorri & Duke (my bro!)
 Andrew & Michelle
 Pedaling the streets of Indianapolis!
Selfie of Me, Adrienne and Vickie
 Mom & Dad by Monument Circle 
(as you can see there was construction going on)
The Original Five! (Mom, Dad, me, Duke, Theresa)
 And right after this pic, it's started raining....dribbling really,
 Lucky for us the Pickled Pedaler had green ponchos for us all!
 You have to be 21 and older to ride this so the younger family members couldn't attend. 
 But two of Mom's grandkids were a HUGE surprise!
They were standing on the street corner by Starbucks with signs that said 
Happy Birthday Grandma!!!!

 So my sister decided to pedal for awhile and Dave took her place sitting.  And my Sister was sitting by Robert.  Well.....Robert tries to act all older and refined and such.  It's hard with this group.  A firetruck was heading our way, and he plugged his ears.  I 'secretly' looked at Theresa and pointed at Robert.  She looked directly at him and said... Out Loud, "How old are you?"  
Oh My Gosh!  I could not stop laughing.  I think Robert must have said something to her about how nice I was compared to her or something like that...because she said, "I only said what she was thinking!"  Maybe you had to be was hilarious.
 These two were really turning on the pedal power towards the end!
(my brother's two oldest children)
After the rides we decided to walk to a bar to check it out.

That's all we got to do, quickly check it out, as they were closing early that night.

Check out this fireplace!
 So we took off walking again and went to a bar right across the street from the Pickled Pedaler, to get some food.

 We played a game of darts, and seriously, I was ahead through almost the entire game.
Then, of course, Andrew won.  Jeesh...

 Mom was the big winner though....

 Her family was with her on her 80th birthday for some fun loving times.
And I'm pretty sure we ALL had a blast!
Cindy Bee


  1. That looks like such a great time! Happy Birthday to your beautiful Mom! =)

  2. You look as though you had a FABULOUS time!
    Jane x

  3. Sending my happy birthday wishes along to your mother!

  4. Hi Cindy, It just goes to show that enjoying life and having fun can keep you young! What a beautiful Momma, I would never have guessed 80 years. Here's to a long and happy life!

  5. Cindy, What a birthday blow out for your mom. She looks so good too. You have the best family for gathering and showing they care. Blessings to all and happy birthday to your mom. xoxo, Susie

  6. Oh HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your special young looking MOM. Hugs. It looks like it was a great time. Hug B


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