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Monday, May 18, 2015

Make a Wish!

Did you used to make a wish on these when you were a child?
Did you know dandelions are one of the first flowers that honeybees get nectar from?
And this is the same yard, after it's been mowed.  Still green!
Cindy Bee


  1. We did blow on them to make wishes!

    Our yard is full of dandelions, clover, and violets - no poison sprays of doom here. We might not be able to have hives here, but that doesn't mean our yard can't be as bee-friendly as possible.

  2. I've made many a wish on those dandelion fluffs in my life! No worry for the bees here as there are no pesticides anywhere in sight on our property. However, we are seeing very few - if any at all - bees.:(

  3. Isn't it funny how our respective changes with time. When I was young we did blow on the dandelion and make a wish, but we also weaved them into chains for our hair, picked little bouquets for our Mommas and did something by rubbing them on our knees and turning our knees yellow (I can't remember what that was all about). When my daughter was a little girl, I was driving her to kindergarten one day when all of a sudden she yelled out, "OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Momma!" I didn't know what was wrong, then she says looking out at a lawn filled with yellow dandelions, "Isn't that beautiful . . . that is just the way I want by yard to look when I grow up."
    I'm happy that the bees like them, and we do have to take care of the bee population. We have so many on our little acre, that if I killed them all, we would have many bare spots in the lawn:)
    Oh, my grandmother (she lived just outside of Greencastle, do you know it?) anyway grandma used to have a section of her yard fenced off, so no critters could get into it, and that was her dandelion patch. She loved dandelion greens. I guess they are very healthy, but I can not remember eating them. Have you ever?

  4. P.S. Sorry, I didn't realize how windy I was, until I hit publish, LOL

  5. I love dandelions, I don't think we ever wished on them, but I seem to remember some kind of clock game? I think they're lovely, and if the bees like them they must be good!x


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