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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Happy Easter!

This is our unfinished room UPSTAIRS!  Those tables along the wall on the right is where our food and drinks will go, and the tables in the center will be where we all eat.  
We are not finished upstairs but we're having Easter up there anyway and it will work and it will be fine!  The main thing is we will all be together, except for one of us who opted to go to Florida with her friends. 

But she came over the other night and helped stuff eggs with Mom.
I've been busy planting spring flowers in the Easter pots (that I can find!)

And I drug out an old Easter decoration from years gone by.  Actually, it's just the eggs.  My second cousin, Ashley, used to spend the night on Easter weekend and we would do all kinds of "Martha" stuff.  One thing we did was blow all of the yolks out of these eggs, clean them, dye them, polyurethane them, and run ribbon through them. 
There are other eggs on the tree that are Styrofoam and felted with wool.  I learned that technique at the Winter Woolen Workshop one of the first years I went.  The branches are forsythia branches that I cut off of one of our bushes.  I hope they will be blooming by Easter.  If you bring them in the warm house, and put them in water about a week or more ahead of time, it usually forces them to bloom.

I buy tablecloths at every garage sale that has them.  I love them.  And I use them a lot! Otherwise my tables would be ugly!
The forsythia is not quite budded out, but close!  Maybe by tomorrow.
(note to self...put a big bow around this guy's neck.  I'm going to stain him with an antique look.)
So...guess what Shug is doing?
 Installing doors.

He installed a toilet for Easter!  He'll have to take it back out afterwards, for tile floor and walls and such, but at least we don't have to run downstairs every time we need to go.......

I hope you all have a 

Remember to enjoy the little things
(like toilets, doors, and running water)
and each other!

Cindy Bee


  1. Cindy, Sending you some hugs for Easter. I like how you set up for your Easter with family. One day your home will all finished. I like that your Shug put the toilet in . Blessings to you dear friend, have a Happy Easter. xoxo,Susie

  2. It looks like party central to me!
    Jane x


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