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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Flamingo Hilton

Yes these Pink Flamingos are real!  Behind the Flamingo Hilton is a tropical paradise.
So I had to take my friend to see it.
Huge Koi.
Waterfalls abound

Palm trees everywhere

The lady asked me, "For a fun, free thing to do in Vegas, would you like to have your picture taken with these birds?"
The "free" word got me.  But WE could not take pictures.  They, took all the pictures and we had to BUY them! 
I've decided the only thing that stays in Vegas is your money!  But we had fun visiting this tropical paradise.  And the birds were cute and funny.  One of them tried to take my earring off, and my barrette out of my hair, and the other one tried to take Teresa's hair out of her head!

This place really is a tropical paradise. There was a wedding going on back here.  You would never know you were in the middle of the city that never sleeps!
 Oh and this place used to be one of Bugsy Siegal's hideouts back in the gangsta days.  He had escape routes all over the place, with a chauffeured limo ready and waiting at all times in the basement.  Someone made a comment that Vegas was built by the mafia!  
Probably was...
Probably still is!

Cindy Bee


  1. nothing is ever free is it!!! You are braver than me, I would not have had those birds on me. Nice to look at but not to touch!

  2. LOL! And that is WHY your money stays in Vegas...:)JP

  3. Yes, you are probably right about your money staying in Vegas. That's a place I've never been. Neat that you saw live flamingos!

  4. Love the koi; really, really want a koi pond! Nothing is ever free, is it?

  5. I love Vegas, took my husband for his 30th, we say we'll take the kids when they turn 21!!

  6. Cindy, That is a beautiful place !! I love the big birds.xoxo,Susie

  7. What a pretty spot. Love the Koi!.


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