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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Old-fashioned Sundays

 Today was one of my favorite reminded me of the good old days with our family.  When we would all get together, unplanned, no agenda, no place to go, just visiting.
My niece has been bugging me to give her a perm, so we did have somewhat of an agenda.  I told her it would take at least three hours to do, and it did!  That was NOT my favorite part of the day.   She thought it stunk!  It did.

 My favorite part of the day was when Theresa (my sister) and Trent came, and Trent and My Shug did some guy stuff together.  Then, all unplanned, Mom and Dad stopped by.  Then, also unplanned, Vickie and Robert stopped by. 
The weather was perfect, I had a room-full of family, and I loved it.  I only wish I wasn't so busy perming hair, that I could have fixed some food for everyone.
 Taylor took this picture of me....while we were waiting on her stinky perm!  I'm wondering if I need to get one.... a stinky perm....what do you think?
 When it came time to take the rods out of her hair, everyone pitched in and helped me!
 Beautiful.  She wanted it curlier, but I think it's perfect.
 And while I had three strapping, strong men in the house (room) I had them move a cabinet out of the back room.
 Then I had them move a pie safe.

 And after all of that moving, I don't think I like it there!  But it had to be moved anyway, so they didn't do it for nothing.
Then, this evening our neighbors came over for a visit and we had a fire in the fire pit and visited for awhile.

I love days like good old fashioned Sundays of old.  Full of family, fun, and friends.

Cindy Bee


  1. These are the kind of Sundays I still love! We do very similar things...her hair looks great...:)JP

  2. An old-fashioned Sunday is a beautiful thing :) my favorite day of the week.

  3. Oh I love old fashioned Sundays myself and I miss them too. Perms oh yes smell so nice:)
    HUGS my friend hugs. B

  4. Oh, that does sound like a magnificent day. Why don't we have those days as often any more?

  5. next time we will stay for dinner :)


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